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Public Dispute Mediators: Profiles of 15 Distinguished Careers

by: Emily Sadigh and Ginette Chapman, Eds.
PON Books, 2000

This book profiles 15 of North America's most experienced public dispute mediators. The practitioners depicted originally worked in many different fields, including nursing, city planning, political science, labor relations, sociology, history, mathematics, environmental studies, and law, but they all have become skilled mediators through a combination of training, apprenticeship, and practice. While the career paths that led them to the same place are quite varied, they share three important values: an interest in the world of public policy, a desire to see people treated fairly, and a commitment to serve their community and the world at large.

In addition to the mediator profiles, this book includes an introduction by Lawrence Suskind, Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program and President of the Consensus Building Institute, with general information about public dispute mediation practice and resource suggestions for further research. This book is an invaluable resource and inspiration for anyone pursuing or considering a career in public dispute resolution.

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