Solution - The Spectral, Daemoniac Web of Links

by Nathan Fung

Answer: Click here to reveal

The puzzle consists of 26 webpages each of which has a series of clue fragments on it each of which links to one of the 26 pages. Each clue phrase can be assembled by forming a path through the webpages where the next fragment is on the page that the previous fragment linked to. All the fragments will be used in one clue when the clues have been assembled properly.

The answer to each clue has a name embedded in it. Each webpage represents a letter of the alphabet and the path through the webpages spells out the answer except that a single letter has replaced the section of the answer that is the embedded name. Arranging the names by the single letter, the first letters of the names spells out the message BOMBURST HENCHMAN IN VULGARIA, cluing the answer CHILD CATCHER.

LetterNameClue answerClue
B BRIAN CHATEAU[BRIAN]D Dish featuring tenderloin filet named after a French writer
O OLLIE EM[OLLIE]NT Substance designed to make skin softer
M MONICA HAR[MONIC A]NALYSIS Mathematical branch using the superposition of waves to represent signals or functions
B BETH GLO[BE TH]EATRE Location in London that is associated with Shakespearean performances
U UMBERTO DUMB AND D[UMBER TO] 2014 movie sequel featuring the return of its two male leads
R ROCCO B[ROCCO]LI Bush didn't like this food
S SIMON PAR[SIMON]Y Extreme unwillingness to spend money
T TORY TRAJEC[TORY] Path that a moving object moves over time
H HERMAN FIS[HERMAN] Snarer of marine animals
E EDDIE BALANC[ED DIE]T One of the components of a healthy lifestyle
N NICK PERS[NICK]ETY Paying a lot of attention to unimportant details
C CALEB S[CALE B]ACK Reduce the scope of something
H HANK T[HANK]SGIVING Day that a parade occurs in New York City
M MARIA [MARIA]CHI Form of Mexican folk music
A ANDREA AMERIC[AN DREA]M Ethos that anyone can prosper and succeed with hard work
N NOAH RI[NOA H]EARTILLY Video game protagonist who is a member of the Forest Owls
I ISLA LAP[IS LA]ZULI Stone that was once a source of blue pigments
N NADIA CA[NADIA]N Person from a northern country
V VINCE PRO[VINCE]TOWN Massachusetts town at the tip of Cape Cod
U UMA EXH[UMA]TION Act of removing a body from its interment site
L LIAM PAR[LIAM]ENT Name shared by a government body and a funk band
G GREG AG[GREG]ATE A collection of elements into a mass like concrete
A ADAM MAC[ADAM]IA Australian tree known for its nuts
R ROSS LAC[ROSS]E Sport using a ball and a goalie
I INGRID GETT[ING RID] OF Relieving or freeing oneself from or discarding
A ANNA SUSQUEH[ANNA] River with two branches emptying into the Chesapeake