Solution - Opus

by Nathan Fung

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In each answer, one of the words is the name of a county in the United States. The answer string also contains the state abbreviation of a state which has a county of that name. Each of these abbreviations is at a different position in the answer which gives the ordering. Reading the first letters of the county seats of these counties spells SLAM RIGHT WING.

ANSWER County County Seat
WAFFLE KING King County, WA Seattle
AMOS BARTON Barton County, MO Lamar
GEORGE WARD LINN Linn County, OR Albany
ALTAR STONE Stone County, AR Mountain View
ADVANCE PERSON Person County, NC Roxboro
CYNTHIA JOHNSON Johnson County, IA Iowa City
BROWN SWISS Brown County, WI Green Bay
LE GRAND CONDE Grand County, CO Hot Sulphur Springs
BRADFORD PARKINSON Bradford County, PA Towanda
RANDOLPH CALDECOTT Randolph County, AL Wedowee
SKY CHASE ZONE Chase County, NE Imperial
ASSUMPTION CLAUSE Assumption Parish, LA Napoleonville
ABBOT HALL ART GALLERY Hall County, GA Gainesville