By Connor Stokes

Though the puzzle is made to look like a Boston Burger Company menu, each of the burger descriptions is actually an invented description for one of the burger specials that appears on Bob’s Burgers. A listing of those specials can be found here. The dollar amount in each price corresponds to the season in which the burger appeared (to aid research), and the cent amount is an index into the burger name.

Description Price Burger of the Day
When you’re short on your dough you can have a good meal with this burger—comes on rye with mustard, cheese, and avocado. 2.22 It’s fun to eat at the rYeMCA Burger
Topped with mint relish that we totally added on purpose, we swear 3.04 I MiNt to Do That Burger
Comes with bok choy, and the rest of the toppings are up to you 3.14 Freedom of ChoyS Burger
Topped with a fig, pairs well with a White Russian 6.08 Fig LeboWski Burger
Start your weekend right with this burger topped with a fried egg 1.17 Thank God It’s Fried Egg Burger
Topped with scallions. We’ve remade it this burger, and it's better than it was before 5.20 The Six Scallion DollaR Man Burger
Rum-glazed burger topped with marrow and pepper jack cheese 6.16 Captain Pepper JaCk Marrow Burger
Cheeseburger with four different kinds of melted cheddar. If you like this one, try our special breakfast Club Sandwich! 3.02 DOn’t You Four Cheddar ’Bout Me Burger
Topped with cumin and locally grown cauliflower (extremely local) 4.17 The Cauliflower’s CUmin from Inside the House Burger
Comes on a buttered bun, topped with Swiss cheese and a small Olive 2.18 Little Swiss BunshiNe Burger
Comes on our best seven-grain bun (no geese were harmed in the making of this burger) 3.01 Top Bun Burger
Hard boiled egg, mayonnaise, mustard, black pepper and paprika. Perfect for a man of wealth and taste 4.14 Sympathy for thE Deviled Egg Burger
Softly constructed with boiled beans and cauliflower 1.08 SalvadoR Cauliflower Burger

The indexed letters read ANSWER COUNTER, giving the puzzle's answer: COUNTER