By Matt McGann
Answer: XBOX

In this puzzle, you identify celebrity high school yearbook photos and match them to a “senior superlative” (e.g., “most likely to succeed”).

As clued by the 6 blanks for each answer, the flavortext “fill out the SAT forms,” and the high school theme, you must identify each of the high schools of the celebrities, and then find the school’s 6-digit CEEB code (which is used in taking the SAT and in college admissions). Many CEEB code lookups are available on the web; one can be found here: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/k-12-school-code-search

The shaded number in the CEEB code tells you how to index into the notable person’s surname.

The 25 celebrity photos are presented – as they would be in a yearbook – alphabetically:

  • Tyra Banks
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Mariah Carey
  • John Cho
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Matt Damon
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Peter Dinklage
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Bill Gates
  • Ariana Grande
  • John Kerry
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Lucy Liu
  • Rachel Maddow
  • Bill Murray
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Blake Shelton
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Anthony Weiner
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Tiger Woods

Matching the celebrity with the clue and the CEEB code, and indexing in by the appropriate number, you get:

Celeb CEEB Shaded CEEB Position Index Letter High School
Peter DINKLAGE31083565LDelbarton School, NJ
Mariah CAREY33218232AHarborfields High School, NY
John KERRY30011041KSt. Paul’s School, NH
Bill GATES48112014ELakeside School, WA
Bruce SPRINGSTEEN31040521SFreehold High School, NJ
Anthony WEINER33063053IBrooklyn Technical High School, NY
Cameron DIAZ05148031DLong Beach Polytechnic High School, CA
Blake SHELTON37000313EAda High School, OK
Matt DAMON22049322ACambridge Rindge & Latin School, MA
Sandra BULLOCK47012514LWashington-Lee High School, VA
Lucy LIU33407013UStuyvesant High School, NY
Bill MURRAY14440311MLoyola Academy, IL
Tiger WOODS05009225SWestern High School, CA
John CHO05106031CHerbert Hoover High School, CA
Bradley COOPER39332152OGermantown Academy, PA
Zooey DESCHANEL05330767NCrossroads School, CA
Neil deGrasse TYSON33348023SBronx High School of Science, NY
Rachel MADDOW05050045OCastro Valley High School, CA
Jimmy FALLON33505523LSaugerties Senior High School, NY
Sheryl SANDBERG10123666ENorth Miami Beach Senior High School, FL
Tyra BANKS05162531BImmaculate Heart High School, CA
Ariana GRANDE10024942RNorth Broward Preparatory School, FL
Avril LAVIGNE82636222ANapanee District Secondary School, ON
Oprah WINFREY43166023NEast Nashville Magnet High School, TN
Carrie UNDERWOOD37069013DChecotah High School, OK

This provides the cluephrase LAKESIDE ALUMS CONSOLE BRAND.

In this puzzle, solvers found that Bill Gates attended the Lakeside School in Seattle. Of course, Gates went on to found Microsoft, whose video games consoles are marketed with the brand XBOX.