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1. The Basics
2. Timing, analog hack
3. IR (sony, irda)
4. Our favorite add-ons


1. Assembling the board.
2. Intro to programming.
3. Input/Output/IR
4. Your own project?
Hack Your Room:
Introduction to Microcontrollers

Web Resources:

Information about microcontrollers:

A fun application of the material we've covered (and lots of you're own knowledge and work...)

A good way to locate components for your final project (if you know the chip number) is

If you don't know exactly what you need, these distributers have standard and reasonably browsable catalogs on-line:

These distributers have more weird stuff and cheap stuff. They're good for impulse purchasing.

For more mechanical needs consult

And to find any manufactured item in the world, search

Don't be bashful requesting free samples from any manufacturers you find here. They know getting college kids familiar with their product is good business.

PIC C Source Code Examples