SP.710: REC Spring 2001 Intensive Seminar #1

"Introduction to Programmable Microcontrollers"

MW 7-10PM, in Room 4-409

This course introduces programmable microcontrollers, digital chips that can used as the "brains" of a huge variety of electronics and robotics projects.

This seminar does not assume any electronics experience, but does assume some sort of programming experience (whether in C, BASIC, or Scheme does not matter, as long as you have familiarity with basic programming concepts such as IF statments, loops, and functions).

Assignments, schedule, syllabus:

2/12: Introduction to the seminar, the PIC, and breadboarding.

handout1.pdf (circuit schematic and pages from relevant datasheets)

Homework (due Wed.): Finish wiring the circuit.

2/14: Introduction to programming PICs in C.

MPLAB.html (creating a project in MPLAB). Handout for the Simon Project
Sample code: simple1.c, demo1.c, demo1c.c.

Homework (due Tues.): homework2.txt (programming assignment)

2/20: (a Tuesday, but with a Monday schedule):

More C programming for the PIC, more work on Simon.

2/21: Serial communications between a PIC and a PC.

Handouts: Instructions
MAX233 pinout

2/26: Buzzers and Light Dimmers: The PIC PWM generator and timing.

Handout: PWM handout

3/1: Analog Sensors and Inputs.

Handouts: A to D handout, sample code analog.c

3/5: No class, due to a truly pitiful excuse for a blizzard 3/7: Interrupts, introduction to the PIC datasheet.

Handouts: Interrupt Handout, sample interrupt code: timer1.c (or a concise version, int1.c (or a concise version), the PIC datasheet (Warning! 200-page .pdf!)

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