Welcome to the esgmachine! 

This website is devoted to the collection and estimation of preferences across many social and environmental issues. The data is collected through a “game”, and all your information will kept confidential and only used for purposes of understanding heterogeneous preferences. 

Watch the video with the instructions bellow, and start the game. 

What means esg?

  • e stands for environment
  • s stands for social
  • g stands for governance

Instructional  Videos

We invite you to play a “game” to estimate your preferences between different social and environmental issues.  Your task is to allocate resources between two different charities according to a randomly specified budget constraint. The game forces a specific tradeoff between the charities. The computer randomly selects  the exchange between the charities: How many dollars you give up from one charity to be able to give one dollar to the other. 

You have to do the allocation of resources at least 25 times, and the idea of the “game” is to achieve the maximum degree of consistency (at the end of the game, we compute the degree of “rationality” of your choices). 

The charities are picked either randomly or pre-specified

Enjoy the game and please send us comments on how to improve it.

Video 1: About our Research

Video 2: About the Game (instructions)

Our  Team

Shachar Kariv

Benjamin N. Ward Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley

Research Interest: Personal and Social preferences, Social learning, Social networks.

Raymond Fisman

Slater Family Professor in Behavioral  Economics, Boston University

Research Interest: Personal and Social preferences, Behavioral Economics.

Roberto Rigobon

Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management

Co-Founder of the Aggregate Confusion Project, MIT

Research Interest: Economic, Social and Ethical Measurement, International Economics, Monetary Economics

Zachary Metzman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2021

Twitter @RobertoRigobon