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Name: The SAS System
Category: Statistical Software
Last modified: Wd. May 24 2017
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New (5/24/17): SAS 9.4 TS Level 1M4 is now available

What is the SAS System? Where does it come from?

SAS is a system for controlling data. It allows you to take data in any form and access, manage, analyze, and present according to your needs and level of computer expertise. SAS is a product of the SAS Institute Inc.

The SAS System on Athena

SAS 9.4 TS Level 1M2 for 64 bit Linux is now the Athena default version and may be run by typing:

        add sas
        sas &

To find out about new 9.4 features, Select "Help -> SAS Help and Documentation -> What's New" from within the online help system. The 9.x SAS documentation sets are also available at the SAS Institute.

IS&T provides limited support for SAS in the context of classes. By this we mean that:

There is an introductory document available called SAS on Athena. This is currently out-of-date but may still contain some useful information.

There is a list of SAS resources for professors and students.

Here are some details about SAS version and platform configuration and availability.

Free online training (MIT only) is available

Other SAS Resources

Problems or Questions?

Help with SAS
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc") for basic help with launching the program. See also the other resources above or contact the vendor for help.

Sending bug reports
Athena users should report problems via the "sendbug" command.

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