Share A Vital Earth

About Us

SAVE stands for Share A Vital Earth. Our primary goal is to promote environmental conservation and awareness at MIT and in the surrounding community. We are composed primarily of undergraduates and we organize small and large events open to the general public, perpetual actions (like promoting recycling), and maintenance of an email list. Our meetings are held every other Monday night from 8:30 to 9:30 in the second floor lounge of the Stratton Student Center and are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Our meetings are announced to the email list, saveit. SAVE is an ASA-recognized group.

The focus of our activities changes each year depending on the interests of our members. In the past we have worked on issues and campaigns such as reducing our paper consumption on campus, reducing the amount of electricity used, and greening our campus. Currently our entire focus is on climate change which encompasses a wide array of environmental issues, as well as social, economic, and political concerns.

SAVE also strives to connect students to the greater environmental efforts at MIT. Our most productive relationships are with Students for Global Sustainability, the Environmental Programs Office, the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, and the Working Group Recycling Committee; we often share projects with these groups. To learn more about SAVE or to learn how you can get involved in the efforts of environmental groups across MIT to green our campus, please join us at our next meeting or shoot us an email at save-core(at)