IHTFP Film Hackathon

This year's Film hackathon will be on April 16-17th. Get together in teams to create a short, 60 second film with the help of Student Cable. Filming will begin on Saturday and editing will happen on Sunday. We'll provide the expertise and the equipment -- just come with your ideas!

  • Radical Rats & Prototype

    Protype was the pilot for our new webseries Inmost Thoughts.

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  • Inmost Thoughts

    Inmost Thoughts is a science-fiction webseries about groundbreaking technology, hijinks, romance, danger, science, and world-changing stakes.

    Tech-genius Vivian takes MIT's "mens et manus" literally; she builds her own mind reader. The technology's not perfect, however, and she needs the help of her fellow MIT students to put her device to use. When Vivian's not sure how to handle her new technology, she's faced with some difficult choices.

    The entire webseries of Inmost Thoughts is now available on YouTube!

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  • Interested in being part of Student Cable?

    If you're interested in being part of student cable, or want to learn more about what the club does, or if you have a project you'd like to work on with us, feel free to come talk to us!

    In addition, if you're interesting in hiring Student Cable to film your event, you can find more info about that in the FAQ as well.

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