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Using good search techniques will help you find the data you are looking for. Please use these search hints to find the data you are looking for.

Use * for truncation. For example, "rail*" retrieves Canada Railways, and European Railroads.

Also use * as a place holder for a character or characters anywhere in a word. For example, "neuro*y" retrieves neurology, neurobiology, neurochemistry, etc.

Use ! to find variant spellings where a single character may vary. For example, "wom!n" retrieves woman and women.

Advanced data search
The Advanced Search dialog box allows you to AND, OR, AND NOT different search types in the spatial database.

For example you could choose the PLACE search type and enter Massachusetts. Than AND that with the SUBJECT search type of census block groups. The result would give you all the census block group files in Massachusetts.

Browse all data button
This button allows you to see a complete list of the data we have located in the Geodata Repository. If you cannot find the data for which you are looking, try scanning this list to find the data you need.



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