2011 SDHS Proceedings: Instructions for Submitting Papers

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2011 SDHS Proceedings: Instructions for Submitting Papers

Papers should be submitted electronically by August 5, 2010. Before submitting your paper, please:

  1. Make sure it adheres to the guidelines.
  2. Proofread it.
  3. Create a pdf of the paper. There are many ways to do this. Please review the “Producing a pdf file” section of the guidelines.
  4. Verify that fonts are embedded in the pdf. One way to do this: in Adobe Reader, do File > Properties and then click on the Fonts tab in the Properties window. Look for “(embedded subset)” next to each font listed.
  5. Give your pdf a filename that includes your last name—something like “smith_sdhs2011.pdf”. This is to reduce the risk that it will get waylaid or confused with someone else’s file.

Once you have a final pdf as outlined above, you will need a login name and password to submit it. These will be sent to you by e-mail. Use them to log in at the upload page and use the form to upload your pdf.

Please contact Ken Pierce with questions about submitting papers.