How Adopt-A-Boat Works

  Adopt-a-Boat is a self-administered educational program that allows you to scale your involvement to meet your classroomís needs. A teacher or a fisherman can initiate partnerships.

We encourage partners to think creatively about how to utilize the knowledge of a fisherman in a classroom setting. Partnerships can span the range of connectivity from close, day-to-day communication to occasional or short-term focused interactions. The details of each partnership are worked out between the teacher and his/her fisherman. The Adopt-a-Boat project staff is available for guidance. Class visits, boat visits or regular data exchanges may be included, and the proprietary aspect of each fishing operation is always respected. MIT Sea Grant's role is to coordinate the program and provide resources so that partners can meet their potential. See Examples of Adopt-a-Boat Partnerships to get a sense of the possibilities.

Partnership communication depends on email, the Adopt-a-Boat web site, and other technology such as digital 35mm cameras and video cameras. Internet access and email capabilities is are essential for all Adopt-a-Boat classrooms and vessels fishermen to communicate effectively.

Partnerships can last from one day to an entire school year. It is up to you. We just want partners to benefit from each other, with teachers getting fishermen into the classroom, fishermen working with our youth, and students getting exposure to real fishermen.