MIT Strategic Games Society

Welcome to SGS! The MIT Strategic Games Society (SGS) is an MIT gaming group that meets weekly to primarily play board games—but also card games, and war games. Some of the most commonly played games are Dune: Imperium, Spirit Island, Root, Evolution: Climate, and Magic: The Gathering.

SGS has a large collection of games available for playing at the club and for members to check out. We are very friendly to newcomers – prior gaming experience is completely unnecessary, as people are always happy to teach people how to play. Also, please feel free to join our Discord or mailing list

Typical SGS meetings are in 50-316 (Walker Memorial, 3rd floor) twice a week: every Friday at 7 pm, and every Sunday at 5 pm!

Feel free to just drop by. Even further, every last Sunday of the month is Super Sunday, in which we play games from noon to (as late as) midnight! Super Sundays are typically held in Morss Hall of Walker Memorial (50-140), and food is ordered for the group! **Please check the GSC Anno graduate student newsletter for additional Super Sundays which may take place during the month!**