Game Library

Eventually, this will be the home of our extensive game library, as well as a list of the games that are more frequently played by our group.

Board Game Sign-Out

Members can sign out games here. Please be courteous to others: if you check out a game that is frequently played, be sure to return it by the next meeting so that it can be enjoyed by the rest of the group.

Role Playing Games

Below you will find a chart listing the games actively played by the Role-Players:

 Game  System  GM  Schedule  Room  Contact Info
Fringe/d20 Modern d20 Modern Urban Arcana Brad Munn 1st and 3rd Saturdays 1-6 p.m. E17-122 Show up and introduce yourself 
Constellations of Duplicity Hero 5th Ed. Stephani Smith 2nd and 4th Saturdays 2 p.m.-midnight E17-122 Show up and introduce yourself 
Rail Games May Fair Paul Albamonte Sat noon-2 E17-128 Show up and introduce yourself 
Iron Crown Fantasy Role Playing Game Paul Albamonte Sat 2-6 E17-128 Show up and introduce yourself 
Crescent Lands AD&D (yes, version 1…) Daniel Saroff Weekly Saturdays 5-midnight (Biweekly with additional days,see website) E17-136 Crescent Land Wiki or show up and introduce yourself 
Battletech/A Time of War RPG Battletech Minatures /A Time of War RPG James Henderson Saturdays noon-midnight E17-139 Show up and introduce yourself during one of the sessions. Also I can be reached at, I'm willing to take new players at any time