MIT Sloan BioInnovations Conference
February 22, 2013
Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel
Kendall Square, Cambridge MA

Congratulations to the winners of the Poster Session

First Place: Ankit Agrawal for "Nasotracheal Intubation in a Difficult Airway using the Storz C-MAC Videolaryngoscope, a Novel Bougie Endotracheal Introducer, and a Modified Curved Forceps"

Second Place: Yechiel Engelhard and Mark Maalouf for "GeckoCap, Simple Asthma Management"

Third Place: Daniel Lieber and Steven Hershman for "Next-generation tools for clinical genome interpretation"

Poster Session

The poster session will showcase some of the most exciting life science and healthcare research from both undergraduate and graduate students from MIT, Harvard, and other universities. Conference registrants will have free access to this event.

These are some of the research that will be presented at this conference.

Macromolecular crowding and extracellular matrix organization,
Adam Zeiger,
SQWEEKi- The Simple, Safe, & Secure Mobile Application to Empower Sexual Health Information Sharing,
Agustin Mohedas,
A semisynthetic approach towards divalent ligands regulate ErbB receptor family disregulation in cancer,
Andrew T. Krueger,
Nasotracheal Intubation in a Difficult Airway using the Storz C-MAC Videolaryngoscope, a Novel Bougie Endotracheal Introducer, and a Modified Curved Forceps,
Ankit Agrawal,
Smartphone Brain Scanner,
Arkadiusz Stopczynski,
A vector-free microfluidic platform for intracellular delivery,
Armon Sharei,
Methylated DNA Detection Using a Methyl-CpG Binding Protein and Photopolymerization-Based Amplification,
Brandon Heimer,
Exaggeration and Omission in Press Releases from Proton Therapy Centers,
Chirayu Patel,
Wake-up to Bruxism,
Colas Schretter,
WiCare: Worldwide Innovative Healthcare - Breaking down the barriers for global medical devices,
Danielle Zurovcik,
Nightingale: Improving people's health by making it easier and more convenient to take medication,
David Goldman
Single-cell expression analyses during cellular reprogramming reveal an early stochastic and a late hierarchic phase,
Dina Faddah,
Organ Cooling Device for Use in Minimally Invasive Surgery,
Edward Summers,
A new-generation glycoconjugate vaccine designed by mechanistic knowledge,
Fikri Y. Avci,
Generation of clinically relevant hypothalamic neurons from human pluripotent stem cells,
Florian Merkle,
Driving Value Into Health Care: Operationalized Plagiocephaly Care At Boston Children's Hospital,
Gino Inverso,
Drug Discovery for Neurodevelopmental Disorders,
H. Rock Liao,
Engineering the microenvironment of cancer cell intravasation using microfluidics: role of cell-cell interactions and endothelial permeability,
Ioannis Zervantonakis,
A Cross-Clutural Comparison of Perceptions of Depression and Help-Seeking Behaviors,
Irene Zhang,
HEALTHeTalker: A Cloud-Based Health Communication System,
James Michaelson,
Tissue Scanner: A New Tool for Intraoperative Cancer Margin Assessment,
Jeon Woong Kang,
Q-State Biosciences: Optical electrophysiology for drug discovery and toxicity,
Joel Kralj,
Development of a Single-Cell Clonogenic Assay,
Katie Maass,
Niche-based Screening Identifies Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Leukemia Stem Cells,
Kimberly Hartwell, PhD,
Engineering Effective Revascularization Strategies for Ischemia in Diseased States,
Laura Indolfi,
Genome Engineering Technology and its Applications in Disease Modeling,
Le Cong,
NeuroAssess: Quantifying Neuromotor Performance,
Lily Kim,
NEWDIGS: A Unique Platform Fostering Ecosystem-driven Biomedical / Healthcare Innovation,
Magdalini Papadaki,
Better Vaccines. Better Future.,
Mahesh Narayanan,
Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference,
Melissa Gymrek,
Career Network for Science PhDs at Yale,
Michael Bradley,
Chronic mGluR5 inhibition corrects Fragile X phenotypes in mice,
Michael Sidorov,
Dulce Detector™ - Nanosensor Array for On-line Analytics of Antibody Quality and Glycosylation in Biomanufacturing,
Nigel Reuel,
doseOK: getting the "five rights" right,
Pau Soler,
Engineered Microneedles for Enhanced Transcutaneous Vaccine Delivery,
Peter DeMuth,
An Algorithmic Approach to Protein Expression,
Pravin Kumar,
Bioskiving: Bioinspired Fabrication of Nanostructures from Tissue Slices,
Qiaobing Xu,
Developing an IgE Sequestering Peptide to treat Diabetes,
Raja Srinivas
Ghrelin: a key mediator of the response to chronic stress,
Retsina Meyer
Micromechanics of the Mammalian Tectorial Membrane,
Shirin Farrahi
Novel small-molecule suppressors of cytokine-induced beta-cell apoptosis for the treatment of type 1 diabetes,
Stephen Scully
Kinetic analysis of nitrosative deamination of RNA in human cells exposed to nitrosative stress,
Vasileios Dendroulakis,
GeckoCap, Simple Asthma Management,
Yechiel Engelhard,
Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts into Embryonic Sertoli-like Cells by Defined Factors,
Yossi Buganim,
Customizable discharge and patient tracking: A case study in asthma care,
Yuri Ostrovsky,
Single-cell monitoring of the cytolytic and secretory activity of natural killer cells in arrays of nanowells,
Yvonne Yamanaka,
Novel Approach in Utilization of Raman Spectroscopy for Automated Prostate Cancer Diagnostics,
Sinisa Vukelic, PhD, Founder and CEO of SiDaLuk, LLC,
Next-generation tools for clinical genome interpretation,
Daniel Lieber,