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Educational Technology

Quality Education through Distance Delivery

The three universities of the SMA have combined their expertise and superior resources to create a distance learning environment at the forefront of current technology.

In partnership with faculty from both MIT and Singapore, the programme has been designed to offer students full access to every element of course delivery in both synchronous and asynchronous form:

Students attend live course lectures between universities, may interact with professors through videoconferencing, and review all lectures and materials electronically.

Highlights of Distance Learning Process

Faculty and Teaching Assistants prepare all course materials and upload them onto the SMA course web site. These materials include electronic presentations, lecture notes, quizzes and announcements.

Class sessions are transmitted live from one of MIT's or Singapore's distance learning classrooms, then digitized and archived on the course web site for later review.

Digitized class lectures are offered in a dual stream mode which allows synchronized viewing of any electronic presentation that accompany the lecture.

Students access uploaded course materials and digitized lectures from their course page. Material may also include threaded discussion groups, course calendars, and a full range of information for class preparation on any given day.

Synchronous Platform

Synchronous delivery of subject curricula is achieved using Tandberg videoconferencing hardware to conduct H.323 videoconferencing and Microsoft Netmeeting software for T.120 application sharing over the U.S. Internet2 infrastructure and via PVC to Singapore. Two communication channels link each the classrooms on the Singapore and MIT campuses:

  1. The "camera/video link" consists of all cameras in the classroom including the presenter, students, chalkboard/whiteboard, and document camera.
  2. The "computer link" (T.120) shares all computer-based materials such as PowerPoint slides, animations, simulations and other software used by the faculty in the classroom.

The resulting collaborative class sessions are of the highest quality. Remote participants receive all computer-generated slides and graphics at the same resolution as those presented locally.

Asynchronous Platform

Asynchronous delivery is achieved using Stellar, MIT's web delivery system. This new system has been designed to provide a rich set of features for posting and reviewing materials. It offers students and professors a sophisticated, flexible, customized platform for organizing course content, while remaining tightly integrated with existing information systems infrastructure and services.

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