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Singapore Fellows

LEE, Jim Yang
Programme Co-Chair
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NUS

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering - University of Michigan 1985

Expertise: Batteries and fuel cells, electrochemical detection methodologies, nanomaterials synthesis and biomolecular guided assembly processes.

Course Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, NUS

Ph.D. in Supramolecular Chemistry and Organic Synthesis - University of Victoria 1992

Expertise: Organic synthesis, multiphase self-assembly, biomaterials and biomineralisation, crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry.

CHOW, Gan-Moog
Professor, Department of Materials Science, NUS

Ph.D. in Materials Science - University of Connecticut 1988

Expertise: Synthesis, characterisation and properties of nanostructured materials.

TAM, Michael K. C.
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, NTU

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering - Monash University 1991

Expertise: Associative polymers and self assembly systems, Block copolymer synthesis via atom transfer radical polymerisation, Enhanced drug delivery systems, Environmentally friendly coating systems, Rheological, Calorimetric titration and Light scattering techniques.

TOO, Heng-Phon
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, NUS

Ph.D. in Biochemistry - Imperial College 1985

Expertise: Molecular neurobiology, molecular structures and functions of neurotrophic factors/receptors, gene expression and g-protein coupled receptors.

WANG, Chi-Hwa
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NUS

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering - Princeton University 1996

Expertise: Drug delivery systems, Flows and Dynamics of Granular Materials, Flow Instabilities in Particulate Systems.

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