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Research Experience

I graduated with an S.M. degree in 2001 from the pioneer batch of the IMST programme. The S.M. degree was an eye opener for me as I had the opportunity to mingle with some of the brightest brains from Asia congregating together for the IMST programme. Furthermore, SMA was a paradigm of collaborative distance learning, equipping us with invaluable analytical and intellectual skills.

Subsequently, I joined DSO National Laboratories (DSO) for close to two years as a mechanical engineer, with my major duties centred on structural and thermal analyses. The experience in DSO was extremely fruitful and it stirred up my interest in research. Hence in 2003, I decided to head back to school to pursue my Ph.D.

The SMA Ph.D. programme has provided me with many possibilities to explore new, cutting-edge technologies in the micro- and nano- areas. For the past one-and-half years, I had the chance to work with state-of-the-art equipment in the micro-fabrication lab as well as carry out nano-tribological surface science studies and further enhance my numerical modelling skills. SMA supported me to present some of my initial findings at the Thin Film and Nanotech 2004 conference.

The SMA Student Atheneum is a place where many brilliant ideas are brewed and conceived. Many useful discussions are constantly being held among my peers. The international community of Ph.D. students has provided me with a broader perspective with which to view things both academically and in life.

This coming fall, I will be joining my fellow Ph.D. peers Guo Xun and Kua Chin Hock for a semester’s stay at MIT. In addition to our research, we will be broadening our knowledge by doing coursework. I look forward to this stay and I believe it will be yet another enriching and unforgettable experience.

Yeo Lip Pin

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