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Research Experience

During my undergraduate years in the Environmental Engineering course in NUS, I did a six-month research project with Prof Loh Kai Chee on the analysis of waste ink effluent. In this project, I learnt how to measure various parameters relevant to industrial effluents, such as BOD, COD and dissolved metal contents. I also devised a matrix methodology based on spectrophotometry to predict the contents of mixed ink effluents. During my one-year stint at SMA, I was further exposed to the techniques of doing literature reviews and making nanoparticles, through the various course projects and the research immersion programme respectively. In my current work, I have learnt various molecular biology techniques to manipulate DNA and construct vectors, cell culture techniques to grow and sustain mammalian cells, and analytical techniques to measure different cell characteristics. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the guidance and support of my thesis advisors, Prof Yap and Prof Wang.

Ng Say Kong







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