Singapore–MIT Alliance
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MIT, NTU, and NUS reside in diverse and energic cities which add to the overall SMA experience.


Situated almost on the Equator, Singapore enjoys year-round sunshine and temperatures that never fall below 22°C. Short, heavy periods of rain help regulate the hot climate and contribute to the beauty of the country.

Singapore's excellent transportation system leaves both universities well connected with the rest of the island. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the main business and shopping areas by bus or by the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system.

Beyond campus, students will find a varied range of activities and interests. The city of Singapore is a marvel of activity with a rich cultural heritage. Diverse ethnic neighborhoods, such as Little India and Chinatown, can be found throughout the city. For more comprehensive information on Singapore and all it has to offer, please visit Uniquely Singapore.


Boston, and nearby Cambridge, reside in the heart of New England and experiences a full range of seasons. July and August are the hottest months of summer (ranging from 27°-35°C). Fall eases the transition into the cooler temperatures to come. December, January, and March can be very cold, with temperatures at 0°C and below.

Boston's transportation system serves the city and outlying regions. The MIT Campus is within minutes of most parts of the city.

Cambridge and Boston share a long and rich history. The high-tech tenor of the Boston area derives from the many academic institutions that inhabit the area (over 50 colleges/universities), attracting students and professionals from around the world. For more comprehensive information on Cambridge and Boston and all they have to offer, please see Boston Travel.

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