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Innovation Centre

Director: Howard W. Califano

The SMART Innovation Centre administers a Grant Program that enables faculty and students to accelerate their innovations toward commercialization.  The Innovation Centre creates a positive environment for entrepreneurship to develop.   It is modeled after the Deshpande Center for Technology Innovation at MIT, but modified to suit the existing Singapore ecosystem.

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Grant Program

Innovation Grant (up to S$250,000)

The funding will be used to:  (1) de-risk the technology by developing prototypes or conducting proof-of-concept experiments; and (2) determine a go-to-market strategy for the products or services being developed.  The end point of the grant funding would be a well defined business opportunity attractive to start-up company formation or licensing to a commercial firm.  The Innovation Grant and support from the Innovation Centre will assist faculty to move their discovery from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Explorer Grant (up to $50,000)
The funding will be used to assist individual students or student groups, with their faculty mentor, explore further development and commercialization of innovative work originated by the student(s).  The Innovation Centre will provide business expertise and networking opportunities with the Singapore and international venture capital community.

Educational Programs

The SMART Innovation Centre provides an excellent laboratory to teach innovation and entrepreneurship to a broader community of faculty and students.  The SMART Innovation Centre will offer a series of educational programs focused on entrepreneurship.  It will also have a Catalyst Program to nurture and mentor entrepreneurs.


The SMART Innovation Centre, with its link to the Deshpande Center in Boston, provides excellent networking opportunities for inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers with the global entrepreneurial community.


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