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Biosystems and Micromechanics

BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Inter-Disciplinary Research Group

Marcelo H. Ang Jr.
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS)


  • 2009- , SIMTech Associate, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  • 2007- Dy Head, Division of Engineering and Technology Management, NUS
  • 1998- Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, NUS
  • 1994- Dy Director, Centre for Intelligent Products & Mfg Systems, NUS
  • 2008 – 2009 Fellow, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  • 2002- 2007 Associate Professor, Faculty of Industrial Design, Tech Univ of Eindhoven
  • 2003- 2007 Dy Director, Centre for Management of Science and Technology, NUS
  • 2003- 2005 Fellow, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  • 1999- 2001 Adjunct Principal Research Fellow, Singapore Inst of Mfg Technology
  • 1993- 1998 Sr Lecturer, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, NUS
  • 1989- 1993 Lecturer, Dept of Mechanical & Prod Engineering, NUS
  • 1988- 1989 Assistant Prof, Dept of Electrical Engineering, Univ of Rochester, NY
  • 1982- 1983 Sr Technical Training Officer, Intel Philippines Inc, Manila, Philippines


  • Andrew P. Sage Best Transactions Paper Award, October 2007. (Best paper published in 2006 in the three IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics)
  • Awards for Excellence 2000, Most Outstanding Paper in the 1999 volume of the journal Industrial Robot.
  • Honorable Mention, Use of IT in Teaching Award, National University of Singapore, 1998
  • Outstanding Paper Award, The Asia-Pacific Industrial Automation Conference (IA) '90, Singapore, May 23-26, 1990
  • East West Center Honor Award, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1985.

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Zielinski, C, N W KOH* and M H Jr Ang*, "The matrix-based framework: its role as a job-agent supervisory controller". Advanced Robotics, 23, no. 11/12 (2009): 1663-1686.
  • ZHANG*, S, M H Jr Ang*, WD Xiao and C K Tham, "Eating/drinking detection using a wearable accelerometer for daily life surveillance". SENSORS, 9 (Wireless Sensor Technologies andApplications) (2009): 1499-1517.
  • Oetomo, D and M H Jr Ang*, "Singularity robust algorithm in serial manipulators".  ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER‑INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING,  25, no. 1  (2009): 122‑134.    
  • Oetomo, D N and M H Jr Ang, "Singularity-free joint actuation for omnidirectional mobile platforms with powered caster wheels". JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN, Transactions of the ASME.  Vol. 130, No. 5 (2008), pp 054501-5.
  • Rebsamen*, B, H H Zhang, C L Teo, Q Zeng, M H Jr Ang, E Burdet, C Guan and C Laugier, "Controlling a wheelchair indoors using thought". IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 22, no. 2 (2007): 18-24.
  • Low, K H, W K Leow and M H Jr Ang, "Autonomic Mobile Sensor Network with Self-Coordinated Task Allocation and Execution". IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C - Applications and Reviews, 36, no. 3 (2006): 315-327. (Andrew P. Sage Best Transactions Paper Award, 2007)
  • Jamisola, jr, R S, D N Oetomo, M H Jr Ang, O Khatib, T M Lim and S Y Lim, "Compliant motion using a mobile manipulator: an operational space formulation approach to aircraft canopy polishing". ADVANCED ROBOTICS, 19, no. 5 (Special on Compliant Motion: Modeling, Planning and Control) (2005): 613-634.
  • Ang, M H Jr, W Lin and S Y Lim, "A walk-through programmed robot for welding in shipyards". INDUSTRIAL ROBOT-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, 26, no. 5 (1999): 377-388. (United Kingdom) (Awards for Excellence 2000).
  • Ang, M H Jr and G B Andeen, "Specifying and achieving passive compliance based on manipulator structure". IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 11, no. 4 (1995): 504-515.

Current research support

  • A*STAR Grant, IRAS: Image-Guided Robot Assisted Surgical Training, $537,910, 15 Sept 2009 to 14 Sept 2011. (Collaborator)
  • NRF Grant (NUS WBS # R-705-000-017-279): Social Robots: Breathing Life into Machines, S$1,597,800, 1 Dec 2007 to 30 November 2011. (Co-PI)
  • A*STAR SERC Grant # 052 121 0082 – TSRP: Ultra Wide Band – Enabled Sentient Computing: “UWB-enabled Sentient Computing Architecture and Middleware with Coordinated QoS (USCAM-CQ), 2006 to 2009. (Co-PI)
  • NUS-SIMTech CRP (U07-R-061SU / SIMT/07-410001): Practical Dynamics-based Control of a Robotic Mobile Manipulator, 2007 to 2010. (Co-Project Leader)