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Biosystems and Micromechanics

BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Inter-Disciplinary Research Group

YEW Yan Seng Elijah
Post-Doctoral Associate, BioSystems & Micromechanics IRG, Singapore-MIT Alliance For Research and Technology (SMART)


  • PhD, National University of Singapore - 2009

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • VR Singh (SMART), H. Choi(MIT), EYS. Yew (SMART), D. Bhattacharya(SMART), L. Yuan(National Taiwan Univ.), CJ R. Sheppard(NUS), JC. Rajapakse(NTU), G. Barbastathis(MIT/SMART), PTC So(MIT/SMART), "Improving signal-to-noise ratio of structured light microscopy based on photon reassignment", Biomed Opt Express, 3(1), 206-214 (2012)
  • Elijah Y. Yew (SMART), Peter T. C. So (MIT/SMART), Temporally focused wide-field two-photon microscopy: From the paraxial to the vectorial, 2013 Photonics West Conference -BIOS, 2-7 February 2013, San Francisco, USA
  • Naveen K. Balla (NUS/SMART), Elijah Y. Yew (SMART), Hayden K. Taylor (NTU), Peter T. C. So (MIT/SMART), 3D microrheology using wide-fi eld two photon microscopy, 2013 Photonics West Conference -BIOS, 2-7 February 2013, San Francisco, USA
  • Yew, E. Y. S., Choi, H., Kim, D., So, P. T. C. , “Wide-field Two-photon Microscopy with Spatio-temporal Focusing and HiLo Background Rejection,”Proc of SPIE, to be presented in SPIE photonics west conference at San Francisco, January 2011.
  • Colin J.R. Sheppard, Shakil Rehman, Naveen K. Balla, Elijah Y.S. Yew, Tang Wai Teng "Bessel beams: Effects of polarization", Optics Communications 282, 4647 (2009)
  • W.T. Tang, E.Y.S. Yew, and C.J.R. Sheppard. Polarization conversion in confocal microscopy with radially polarized illumination. Opt. Lett. 34, 2147--2149, 2009
  • D.I. Zeugolis, P.P. Panengad, E.Y.S. Yew, C. Sheppard, T.T. Phan, M. Raghunath. An in situ and in vitro investigation for the transglutaminase potential in tissue engineering. J Biomed Mater Res A, (epub ahead of print) DOI: 10.1002/jbm.a.32383
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  • D.I. Zeugolis, S.T. Khew, E.Y.S. Yew, A.K. Ekaputra, Y.W. Tong, L.L. Yung, D.W. Hutmacher, C.J.R. Sheppard and M. Raghunath. Electro-spinning of pure collagen nano-fibres - Just an expensive way to make gelatin? Biomaterials, 29:2293--2305, 2008
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  • J.S. Paul, A.R. Luft, E.Y.S. Yew and F.S. Sheu. Imaging the development of an ischaemic core following photochemically induced cortical infarction in rats using Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis (LASCA). NeuroImage, 29:38–45, 2005