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Biosystems and Micromechanics

BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Inter-Disciplinary Research Group

Linda Griffith
Professor of Biological & Mechanical Engineering, MIT


  • 2009-             Director, MIT Center for Gynepathology Research
  • 2004-2007     Area Head for Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering Department
  • 2003- 2007    Director, MIT Biotechnology Process Engineering Center
  • 2003-             Professor of Mechanical and Biological Engineering, MIT
  • 2002-2003     Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, MIT
  • 1998-2002     Associate Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT
  • 1998-             Chair, MIT Biological Engineering Undergraduate Programs Committee
  • 1996-2002     Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT
  • 1991-1996     Asst. Prof. of Chemical Engineering, MIT
  • 1991-1993     Asst. Prof. of Health Science & Technology, Harvard-MIT Div. Health Sci. & Tech


  • 2011      National Academy of Engineering Member
  • 2010      1st Ruth Kirschstein Memorial Lecture, NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health
  • 2010      Biomedical Engineering Society Fellow
  • 2010      Endometriosis Foundation of America Honoree, Annual Blossom Ball
  • 2009      Society for Biomaterials Clemson Award for Basic Research
  • 2008      Holt Lecture, MIT Biology (2008); Keynote Speaker, U. Michigan Microfluidics Symposium
  • 2007      O’Hanian Lecture, U. Florida School of Engineering
  • 2006      MIT School of Engineering Teaching Innovation Chair
  • 2006      MacArthur Foundation Fellow
  • 2006      Georgia Tech School of Engineering Distinguished Alumna
  • 2002      Bayer Lecture, UC Berkeley
  • 2002      Popular Science Brilliant 10 Award
  • 2000      Fellow, Biomaterials Sci. & Eng., International Union of Societies for Biomat. Sci. & Eng.
  • 2000      Class of 1960 Teaching Innovation Award, MIT
  • 1998      Fellow, AIMBE
  • 1998      Whitaker Lecture, ASAIO Annual Meeting
  • 1995      Georgia Tech Council of Outstanding Young Engineers
  • 1993      van Tassel Chair
  • 1991      NSF Presidential Young Investigator
  • 1991      Doherty Chair in Ocean Engineering

Selected publications

  • Williams CM, Mehta G, Peyton SR, Zeiger AS, Van Vliet KJ, Griffith LG. Autocrine controlled formation and function of tissue-like aggregates by primary hepatocytes in micropatterned hydrogel arrays, Tissue Eng Part A. 2011 17:1055-68. (2011) PMID: 21121876
  • Jay, S.M., Kurtagic ,E., Alvarez, L.M., de Picciotto,  S., Sanchez, E., Hawkins, J.F., Prince , R.N,  Guerrerro ,Y., Treasure, C.L., Lee, R.T.  Griffith, L.G., “Engineered Bivalent EGF Receptor Family Ligands to Bias Signaling and Phenotypes,” J Biol Chem. 286931): 27729-40 (2011) PMID 21622572
  • Domansky, K., Inman, W., Serdy, J., Dash,A., Lim,, MH, and GriffithL.G., “Perfused Multiwell Plate for 3D Liver Tissue Engineering,” Lab Chip, 7;10:51-8 (2009) PMID: 20024050.
  • Mehta, G. Williams, C.M. Alvarez, L.,  Lesniewski, M., Kamm, R.D., Linda G. Griffith, L.G., Synergistic Effects of Tethered Growth Factors and Adhesion Ligands on DNA Synthesis and Function of Primary Hepatocytes Cultured on Soft Synthetic Hydrogels, Biomaterials, 31(17):4657-71 (2010) PMID: 20304480.
  • Sudo R, Chung S, Zervantonakis IK, Vickerman V, Toshimitsu Y, Griffith LG, Kamm RD, Transport-mediated angiogenesis in 3D epithelial coculture.” FASEB J, 23:2155-6 (2009). PMID: 19246488
  • Platt, M.O., Roman, A.J., Wells, A., Lauffenburger, D.A., and Griffith, L.G ,”Sustained epidermal growth factor levels and activation by tethered ligand binding enhances osteogenic differentiation of multi-potent marrow stromal cells,” J. Cell Phys., 22:306-17. PMID: 19544388
  • Marcantonio, N.A., Boehm, C.A., Rozic, R., Au, A., Wells, A., Muschler, G.F., and Griffith, L.G., “Tethered epidermal growth factor increases connective tissue progneitor colony formation,” Biomaterials, 30: 4629-38 (2009) PMID: 19540579
  • Cosgrove, B.D., King, B.M., Hasan, M. A., Alexopoulous, L.G., Farazi, P. A., Hendriks, B.S., Griffith, L.G., Sorger, P.K., Tidor, B., Xu, J.J., and Luaffenburger, D., “Synergistic drug-cytokine induction of hepatocellular death as an in vitro approach for the study of inflammation-associated idiosyncratic drug hepatotoxicity, Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol., 237:317-30 (2009). PMID: 19362101
  • Platt, M.O, Wilder, C.L., Wells, A., Griffith, L.G. Lauffenburger, D.A. “Multi-pathway Kinase Signatures of Multipotent Stromal Cells are Predictive for Differentiation,
” Stem Cells, 27, 2804 (2009) PMID: 19750537.