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Biosystems and Micromechanics

BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Inter-Disciplinary Research Group

Vijay Raj Singh

Post-Doctoral Associate, BioSystems & Micromechanics IRG, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre


  • 2008; Ph.D., Optical Science and Engineering,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • 2003; Master of Technology, Applied Optics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India


  • 2010 – Present; Postdoctoral Associate, BioSyM IRG, SMART Centre, Singapore
  • 2009 – 2010; Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • 2007 – 2009; Senior R&D Engineer, Centre of Innovation, AEM Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

Research Interests

  • Optical Metrology, Microscopy, Imaging, and Image Processing
  • Digital Holography and Instrumentation, Micro and Nano-mechanics


  • Holographic microscope and a method of holographic microscopy, US patent pending, application number: 20090091811, Inventors: A. Asundi, and V. R. Singh

Selected Publications

  • Dipanjan Bhattacharya (SMART/CBIS/MBI), Vijay Raj Singh (SMART), Chen Zhi (SMART), Peter T. C. So (SMART/MIT), Paul Matsudaira (NUS/MBI) and George Barbastathis (SMART/MIT), "Three dimensional HiLo-based structured illumination for a digital scanned laser sheet microscopy (DSLM) in thick tissue imaging", Optics Express, 20(25), 27337 (2012)
  • VR Singh (SMART), H. Choi(MIT), EYS. Yew (SMART), D. Bhattacharya(SMART), L. Yuan(National Taiwan Univ.), CJ R. Sheppard(NUS), JC. Rajapakse(NTU), G. Barbastathis(MIT/SMART), PTC So(MIT/SMART), "Improving signal-to-noise ratio of structured light microscopy based on photon reassignment", Biomed Opt Express, 3(1), 206-214 (2012)
  • Vijay Raj Singh (SMART), Jae Won Cha (MIT), Elly Nedivi (MIT), Peter T. C. So (MIT/SMART), Photon reassignment of scattered emission photons in multifocal multiphoton microscopy (MMM), 2013 Photonics West Conference -BIOS, 2-7 February 2013, San Francisco, USA
  • Vijay Raj Singh (SMART), Jagath C Rajapakse (NTU), and Peter T.C. So (MIT/SMART), "High Sensitivity Temporal Focusing Widefield Multiphoton Endoscope capable of deep imaging”, Focus on Microscopy Conference, Singapore (1-4 April 2012)
  • Vijay Raj Singh (SMART), Jagath C Rajapakse (NTU), and Peter T.C. So (MIT/SMART), "Photon Reassignment for structured illumination microscopy for 3D imaging, SPIE BIOS, Photonics West Conference, San Francisco, USA (24-26 January 2012)
  • Singh V.R., Rajapakse, J.C., Yu, H., So, P.T.C., “Intensity normalization of two-photon microscopy images for liver fibrosis analysis, Proc of SPIE, to be presented in SPIE photonics west conference at San Francisco, January 2011.
  • B. Jayaraman, V.R. Singh, A. Asundi, G.M. Hegde and N. Bhat, “Thermo-mechanical Characterization of Surface-micromachined Microheaters using In-line Digital Holography”, Meas. Sci. Technol., Vol. 21, 015301, 2010.
  • V.R. Singh, L. Sui, and A. Asundi, “Digital Reflection Holography Based Systems Development for MEMS Testing”, Proc. SPIE, in-press, to be presented in Photonics Europe, Brussels, Belgium, April 2010.
  • W. Qu, O.C. Choo, V.R. Singh, Y. Yu, and A. Asundi, “Quasi physical phase compensation in digital holographic microscopy”, J. of Opt. Soc. of Am. (JOSA)-A, Vol. 26, Issue 9, pp. 2005, 2009.
  • V.R. Singh and A. Asundi, “In-line digital holography for dynamic metrology of MEMS”, Invited Paper, Chinese Opt. Lett., Vol. 7, Issue. 12, pp. 111, 2009.
  • V.R. Singh, G. Hegde, A. Asundi, “Particle field imaging using digital in-line holography”, Current Science, Vol. 96, No. 3, pp. 391, 2009.
  • V.R. Singh, A. Asundi, J. Miao, Z. Wang, and G. Hegde, “Dynamic Characterization of MEMS diaphragm using time averaged in-line digital holography”, Opt. Comm., Vol. 280, Issue 2, pp. 285, 2007.
  • A. Asundi and V.R. Singh, “Amplitude and Phase Analysis in Digital Dynamic Holography”, Opt. Lett., Vol. 31, No. 16, pp. 2420, 2006.
  • V.R. Singh and A. Asundi, “Advances in dynamic metrology using in-line digital holographic Interferometry”, Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 6293, pp. 629306-1, Invited Paper, Presented in Annual conference of SPIE in San Diego, US, 2006.
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  • A. Asundi and V.R. Singh, “Sectioning of Amplitude Images in Digital Holography”, Meas. Sci. and Technol., Vol. 17, pp 75, 2006.