Celebration Day, October 4, 2008






Thanks to All Smoot Day Participants


The Interfraternity Conference, the Panhellenic Association, the individual fraternities, sorororities, and dormitories, and the MIT Club of Boston all helped in getting the word out and recruiting all the terrific volunteers listed below. In addition, we must also thank the many sponsors and partners for their role in many events of the day.

We would also like to thank the participants in the day's events. The speakers at the opening dedication were all hugely informative, uplifting, and funny. They included MIT President Susan Hockfield, Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons, Suzanne Wilson of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation, State Representative Marty Walz, and of course Ollie Smoot '62 himself. Bruce Twickler '67 was a superb emcee, and Sarah Gallop of MIT's Office of Government & Community Relations did a great job coordinating the ceremony. Class of '62 President Mead Wyman '62 proudly displayed the new plaque for what we now call “the MIT Bridge”.   Evan Moss of the Charles River Conservancy was a terrific partner in planning and running our community service for several hundred volunteers on a fabulous fall day. He was very ably assisted by lieutenants Paul Spangle, Marlena Martinez, Alicia Erwin, Kerri Mills, and Josh Velasquez '08. We also counted on the essential support of Conrad Crawford and Richard Scott of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation. Norm Magnuson and other members of MIT Facilities provided great logistic support.

The new Smoot plaque was designed and machined by Ilan Moyer '08 with advice from Ken Stone '72, Director of the MIT Hobby Shop. Ken also helped Dayan Paez '08 produce the official Smoot measurement stick, which is now in the MIT Museum. Deb Douglas, the Museum's Curator of Science & Technology, was instrumental in this production, and Museum Director John Durant welcomed all to the official Smoot Stick dedication ceremony on Saturday evening. Tom O'Connor '60, who had an essential role in the original deed 50 years ago, relived it to the delight of the audience. Ollie Smoot '62 was a very gracious guest of honor throughout the day. Starting with Ollie's wife Sandy, the whole family participated in the same spirit. They are practically an MIT Club of their own. Steve Smoot '90, Ollie's son, was joined by his wife Marcia Smith '89, and his sister, Sherry Freitas '99 GM, with her husband, Mark Freitas '00 GM, and their children Ryan (4) and Andrew (2).

Of course, Ollie's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers were present in force throughout the day. Alumni Corporation President Steve Pettinato'80, flew in from Chicago . Bruce Twickler '67 was again a fabulous emcee, complete with a Course 6 joke, to introduce the world famous Platters at Kresge Auditorium. A dozen members of the MIT Club of Boston welcomed people at the doors, including Club VP Natalia Olive CE '02, Treasurer Rich Moy '01, and Club President Mike Owu '86. And we close with a huge Thank You to all who helped in the river bank cleanup. If you find a name missing, please get in touch with one of the contacts and we will happily correct the mistake.

Team Name
Alpha Phi Omega Alioth Drinkwater
  Brown Westrick
  Ellen Kranzer
  Katie French
  Sarah Lehmann
  Vicki Crosson
Carlisle Smoot Fans Alexandra Knobel
  Colette Cooke
  JM Knobel
  John Knobel
DUSPhD Atul Pokharel
  Clio Andris
  Lauren Lambie-Hanson
  Shomon Shamsuddin
Julie and the Guys Brian White
  Jason White
  Julie Schwedock
  Will White
Lambda Chi Alpha Ben Agre
  Bradley Gampel
  Brandon Suarez
  Derek Ju
  Eric Zuk
  Erich Bracht
  Jason Rathje
  Jonathan Osting
  Joseph Silverman
  Kevin Farino
  Marty Fahey
  Paul Burkard
  Steve Mullinax
  Bill Johnson
Phi Delta Theta Reid Van Lehn
Phi Kappa Theta Daniel Paik
Phi Sigma Kappa Jacob Levinson
Pi Phi Danielle Whited
  Fan Wei
  Jessica Forster
  Luisa Badaracco
  Margaret Carlton-Foss
  Nichole Treadway
  SheeShee Jin,
  Tammy Ngai
Pirates Jennifer DiMase
  Veronica Weiner
Red Jaguars Adriana Guida
  Deidre Murray
  Erin Sheehy
  Jake Coleman
  Liam Sheehy
Smoots United Kyle Smoot
  Mary Ann Robertson
Team McCraith Andrew McCraith
  Douglas McCraith
  Stephanie Zari
The Four Hills Annie Hill
  Lucy Hill
  Matthew Hill
  Shannon Hill
The Puppins Diego Puppin
  Giulia, Puppin
  Mario Puppin
  Silvia Puppin
Wang Team Zhiqiang Zhang
Westgaters Lynne Garone
  Steve Garone
Zeta Beta Tau Alex Speltz
  Brian Syverud
  Carmen Ng
  Daniel Zheng
  David Hutchings
  David Kelley
  Douglas Albert
  Geraldo Gonzalez
  Harley Zhang
  Jake Latcham
  Jason Chan
  Linley Gerber
  Matt Vaughan
  Omar Mysore
  Rajeev Nayak
Zeta Psi Kyle Fink
MIT Club of Boston
& Others
  Alberto Mena
  Ali Eghlima
  Annie Kreider
  Anthony Morelli
  Arron Acosta
  Avram Kalisky
  Barry Fidelman
  Brian Saper
  Carrie Hagermann
  Chandrika N Samarth
  Chris Benson
  Chris Peters
  Chuck Harrison
  David A Manalan
  Douglas W Dodds
  Frank Yang
  Gail Walker
  Hanh Pham
  Isaac Joseph
  Jack Martin
  Jacky Martin
  James Rutich
  Jerry Robertson
  Jim Casalegno
  Joel Veenstra
  Josh Chu
  Kyle Schwing
  Marcus Parton
  Michael Chen
  Moja Razlog
  Nick King
  Phitchaya Phothilimthana
  Ralph D Sexton
  Renard R Roy
  Roberta Sydney
  Samuel Evans
  Sean Vaskov
  Tamara Yu
  Tazeen Mahtab
  Teresa Giblin
  Tiffany Guo
  Travis Samuel
  Tyler Abrams
  Vicky Hsu