sp.354 Spring 2001

Technologies in Historical Perspective


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Course Description

SP354 Tues/Thurs 11-1 12 units

SP354, Technologies in Historical Perspective, is a 12-unit HASS-D (category 5),
CI-H, subject. It meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-1. Students also meet for a 2-hour hands-on workshop each week (days and times to be arranged).

In SP354 you will study several technological systems within their historical contexts. This spring we will begin by studying the rise of the textile industry in the Merrimack Valley from its beginning in the mid 1800s. How did the mechanization of textile manufacturing change American society? We will take a field trip to the American Textile History Museum and Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Massachusetts, to help us get a better first-hand understanding of this period in American history. In weekly hands-on workshops guest artisan Debbie Watson will teach us to spin and weave wool. Working in small teams, we'll write and present business plans for building our own textile mills. From mills in 19th century Lowell we next turn our attention to 21st century MIT as we study design and construction of the Stata Center. Architect Dan Krynytzky will spend a month in residence with us helping us understand everything from the nature of beauty to how an electrician wires a "smart" building. We will end our semester with cars! Why are Americans so car-obsessed? What was life in America like before the invention of the combustion engine? How have we changed-for good and bad. Our hands-on workshops will find us taking apart and reassembling engines, which we will test at a go-cart rally.

As part of the subject, we sponsor lunch each Thursday at noon. A variety of guest speakers from within and without MIT come to tell us about their work.

A subject of the Integrated Studies Program. For more information, visit the ISP office in 16-177, call us at 253-4074, or email us at daczel@mit.edu.

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