NOTE: Beginning Summer 2015, responsibility for WIND plasma data has moved to the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysics Lab, and current data can be accessed at .

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The SWE experiment is a collaborative effort of Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), University of New Hampshire (UNH), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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WIND-SWE latest available daily plot
25 August 2015
From the bow shock crossing on October 13, 2003 until the end of February 2004, the spacecraft was in the magnetosheath and magnetosphere for many weeks and thus not collecting valid solar wind data.
From hour 22 of October 27, 2014 (day 2014/300) until hour 16 of December 1, 2014 (day 2014/335) no valid data were received.

WIND-SWE latest available 27-day plot
30 July 2015 to 25 August 2015
Data available with graphical browse capability
Accessing WIND-SWE Data
WIND-SWE Instruments


Data available via ftp as monthly ASCII files

International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) program

WIND satellite

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