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WIND-SWE Data Page

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Table of Contents:
Carrington Rotation Plots

Data Files - Protons

Data Files - Alphas

Data Files - Informal Comments

Special Events

Electron Moments Data Files

Carrington Rotation Plots

Plots of hourly-averaged SWE Key Parameter data (27-day intervals) are viewable here. The Key Parameter data are generally reliable, but should be considered to be preliminary. In particular, when WIND is near perigee, the satellite will not be in the solar wind interplanetary medium for a number of hours at a time. At these rejected times , the Key Parameter values will not be meaningful.

PLEASE NOTE- Data are displayed here only for purpose of illustrating interesting event periods. The data are preliminary. For presentations and publications, please acknowledge Principal Investigator K. W. Ogilvie (NASA GSFC, 301-286-5904, Keith.W.Ogilvie@nasa.gov), and J. D. Richardson (MIT, 617-253-6112, jdr@space.mit.edu). We would appreciate receiving copies of all presentations, publications, etc., using these data.

- click on figure to see larger version (13K) of the plot

Figure Caption: Hourly averaged data over the most recent 27-day period available.
(see below for previous data periods)

Display earlier 27-day periods (beginning on the dates indicated):

Note that these are organized by Carrington Rotation with 4-day delay to account for the average Sun-to-Earth solar wind propagation time.

Data Files - Protons

Accessing data using a web browser:
Activating one of the data file links below will bring up a directory listing of available files. When the directory listing is displayed, selecting a file will bring its contents to the screen. With the contents displayed on the screen, the "Save As" option [under the "File" menu for the Netscape web browser] will copy the displayed file to your local disk.

Hourly and Daily averages:
Data files of hourly-averaged SWE proton key parameters are available by year and daily-averaged SWE proton key parameters are available by year and for the mission (1994-present) . Times near perigee, when WIND was not in the solar wind, have been removed from these files.

Daily files - 90 second resolution:
Data files of SWE proton key parameters at our highest available time resolution (approximately 90 seconds) are available. Time regressions and single point noise spikes have been removed. When WIND is near perigee, the satellite will leave the interplanetary medium and traverse the magnetosheath and magnetosphere. Those data have been removed; a list of these rejected times is available.

Data Files - Alphas

This service is now available through NASA/Goddard. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/space/
under "Access Data by Service", choose "FTP Browser"

Informal Comments

Informal comments on observed features (such as shocks and density variations) are available.

Special Events

Electron Moments Data Files

Electron moments for most of the mission are available from the SWE team. Time resolution is either 6 or 12 seconds, depending on the flight operating mode. Because of the large volume of data involved, we ask that you contact Dr. Keith Ogilvie (Keith.W.Ogilvie@nasa.gov, 301-286-5904) directly to request the specific time intervals of electron data desired.

For More Information

You are most welcome to contact:

Dr. John D. Richardson, jdr@space.mit.edu, 617-253-6112,
Dr. Keith W. Ogilvie, Keith.W.Ogilvie@nasa.gov, 301-286-5904

Use this form for email comments.

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