Thank you for visiting Knowing Where to Stand. This website complements and extends the physical exhibition, as well as a book-in-progress: The Eye Is a Door.

Knowing Where to Stand is a short digital essay that provides an introduction to the exhibit. View it by clicking on the title here or on the home page.

Gallery showcases the photographs from the exhibit, which can be viewed singly or in groups.

Landscape presents essays of words and images that reflect on the issues landscapes raise. Landscape as Poetry invites your response.

Craft explores how digital imaging tunes the eye and illuminates issues of color.

Exhibit provides details on the show and a calendar of venues.

Book cites The Language of Landscape and The Eye Is a Door for further reading.

Class links to “Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry,” a course at MIT with online syllabus, assignments, and galleries of student work.

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