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Articles, commentaries and essays by
Zuio Hisao Inagaki

"Shinran and Jodoshinshu" (The inaugural lecture for the Numata Chair at Leiden University, The Netherlands, 1992)
"Amida the Infinite" (A series of articles explaining the first 13 hymns of the Jodo Wasan;  published in the "Daijo" in the 90's)
"The Cause of Birth in the Pure Land" (From the introduction to The Three Pure Land Sutras, 3rd edition, 2000)
"The Way of Nembutsu-Faith" (A commentary on Shinran's Shoshinge published by Horai Association, 1996): (A) Part 1, Section on the exposition based on the Sutras; (B) Part 2, Section on the exposition based on the Seven Masters' works.
"An Introduction to Shan-tao's Liturgy for Birth" (A paper presented at the 11th European Shin Buddhist Conference at Eko-Haus, Duesseldorf, in August 2000)
"An Introduction to the Amida Sutra" (Originally prepared for a Portuguese Translation of the Amida Sutra, September 2000)
"Shunyata and Vow-Power" (November 2000)
"Nembutsu and Zen" (Banquet speech at the 7th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies in Hawaii in 1995)
hQuestions and Answers on Shinjin" (38 questions and answers on shinjin - the Entrusting Heart of the Other Power in Shin Buddhism; November 4, 2008)


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