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The Science, Technology and Global Security Working Group (STGS) is dedicated to making the world a safer and better place for humanity by providing independent and unbiased analyses of scientific and technical questions that affect world peace.  These include, but are not limited to, understanding and explaining to the policy makers and the general public the technical issues underlying nuclear disarmament and proliferation.  Another important goal of our group is to propose new solutions for technical problems that might stand in the way of nuclear disarmament or prevent the world’s nonproliferation regimes from being effectively implemented.

STGS has established itself as a highly regarded independent center for analysis of technical problems in the international security field.  It has unrivaled expertise in nuclear weapons and their effects, sensor technologies, ballistic missiles, early warning systems, basing of nuclear forces, and nuclear fuel cycle issues and how these technical issues shape the political, military and diplomatic dimensions of security.  We have ongoing collaborations with technical groups and leading scholars in China, Russia, Germany, India, Israel and Pakistan -- and also have extensive governmental and non-governmental contacts with individuals and organizations in the UK, France, and Norway, in addition to the countries mentioned above.

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M3 Launch

The White Paper on the article, A Flawed and Dangerous U.S. Missile Defense Plan, published in May 2010 in Arms Control Today [PDF]

Link to A Flawed and Dangerous U.S. Missile Defense Plan [HTML]

Briefing to the National Research Council Committee, Washington DC, May 19, 2010 [PDF]

Lecture: Missile Defense Technology (Can BMD Systems Work?) by Eric D. Evans, December 10, 1999 [PDF]

New York Times article- May 18, 2010 [PDF]
New York Times article- June 9, 2000 [PDF]
New York Times Op-Ed- March 12, 2009 [PDF]
Boston Globe Op-Ed- May 28, 2010 [PDF]

South Asia book

NEW BOOK! South Asia at a Crossroads: Conflict or Cooperation in the Age of Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense, and Space Rivalries. Edited by Subrata Ghoshroy, Dr. Götz Neuneck. Place order. [HTML]


Subrata Ghoshroy's article- Don't Sacrifice Disarmament at the Altar of Missile Defense [HTML]


A post-launch examination of the Unha-2 by David Wright and Theodore A. Postol [HTML] [PDF]

Report Cover

US-Russian Team of Scientists Say Missile Shield Likely Ineffective.
The Washington Post article [HTML]
The EastWest Institute report [PDF]
The report's technical addenda: Defense Against Iranian Ballistic Missiles [PDF] and Iran's Ballistic Missile Program [PDF]

Spotlight archive [HTML]


Funding for our research is provided by
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Ploughshares Fund

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