Electric Lighting 
Background Material: DH-I chapter 15 (to be released in 2016) | MIT lecture: Electric Lighting

The goal of this assignment is to develop an electric lighting design and controls concept for a daylit space using simulations in Radiance and Daysim. Two detailed video tutorials, describing the simulation setup for electric light systems and controls are provided under DIVA Tutorial 05 - Electric Lighting and DIVA Tutorial 06 - Lighting Controls.

1. Electric Lighting Concept As a first step, you need to identify a set of suitable electric lighting luminaries for your space and verify whether the resulting visual appearance and lighting levels along the work area are sufficient. An example simulation outcome by Madeline Gardillas and Catherine De Wolf is shown below.

Visualization at Night
Illuminance Map

2. Electric Lighting Controls Once an adequate electric lighting system has been identified, several electric lighting control systems ranging from on/off manual switching to photocell controlled dimming and occupancy sensors can be explored and associated electric lighting energy savings estimated. An successful example by Madeline Gardillas and Catherine De Wolf shows the spapce from step 1. divided into four photocell controlled, dimmed lighting control zones.