Resources for Readers

This page provides a collection of exercises to deepen the reader's understanding of some of the concepts and analysis methods described in the Daylighting Handbooks (DH) I and II (upcoming) . All exercises are linked to chapters in the handbooks, simulation video tutorials by Solemma and MIT as well as MIT open courseware lecture notes. Architectural educators can also download two sample course sysllabi for a semester-long seminar of daylighting as well as a more general introductory course on environmental technologies.

What is Daylighting?
Background Material: DH-I chapters 1 & 2 | MIT lecture: Introduction to Daylighting

Introductory essay on daylighting. For this exercise you need a digital camera. Full text>>

Daylit Area Study and Basic Photometry
Background Material: DH-I chapters 3, 4 & 5 | MIT lectures: The Source, The Sensor, Photometry Workshop, Massing Studies

Hands-on assessment of a daylit space. For this exercise you need an illumiance meter, a luminance meter, a digital camera (no smartphone), a tripod, a daylit space (preferably the one from the previous exercise) and a printout of the floor plan of the space. Full text>>

Direct Shading Studies and Sun Path Diagrams
Background Material: DH-I chapter 6 | MIT lecture: Where is the sun?

The objective of this exercise is to validate the results of direct shading studies provided by DIVA-for-Rhino and other daylight simulation tools. Full text>>

Designing a Static Shading System
Background Material: DH-I chapter 7 | MIT lecture: Designing a Static Shading System

Simulation-based exercise to develop a static shading system for solar gain control. Full text>>

Heliodon Study
Background Material: DH-I chapter 8 | MIT lecture: Physical Models

Heliodon study of static shading system. Full text>>

Designing a Photovoltaic System
Background Material: DH-II chapter 9 (upcoming)

Simulation-based study to design a PV system using DIVA/Radiation maps and DIVA/ArchSim/E+. Full text>>

Building a Calibrated Daylighting Model
Background Material: DH-II chapters 10 and 12 (upcoming) | MIT lecture: Daylight Simulations
, Light and Matter

Simulation study using DIVA/Radiance to model a daylit space. Full text>>

Daylight Availability Simulation
Background Material: DH-II chapter 11 (upcoming) | MIT lecture: Daylight Availability

Simulation-based study to quantify the spatial daylight autonomy in a daylit space. Full text>>

Glare Analysis
Background Material: DH-II chapter 13 (to be released in 2016) | MIT lecture: Visual Comfort and Occupant Behavior

Annual and point-in-time glare analysis of a daylit space. Full text>>

Designing a Dynamic Shading System
Background Material: DH-II chapter 13 & 14 (to be released in 2016) | MIT lecture: Envelope Design

Design of a dynamic shading system to balance annual daylight availability and glare. Full text>>

Developing an Electric Lighting Concept
Background Material: DH-I chapter 15 (to be released in 2016) | MIT lecture: Electric Lighting

Develop an electric lighting concept plus controls that complement the daylighting concept in a study space. Full text>>