What is Daylighting?
Background Reading: DH-I chapters 1 & 2 | MIT lecture Introduction to Daylighting

We all experience light and daylight every day of our life and our attitude towards light, shadows and colors is a direct consequence of how we have seen the world. As a result, we carry our personal, preconceived notions within us of what constitutes ‘good lighting’ or a ‘well daylit space’. These intuitions can inform our designs in unique ways. In order to preserve these raw attitudes towards lighting before they become ‘diluted’ by the concepts presented in a book or course on lighting, write a two-part essay of 300 words on (1) what you think are the characteristics of a well daylit space and (2) what your motives are for implementing daylight in your architectural projects? Provide photos of a daylit space to support your remarks. Going forward, treat this essay as your personal ‘touchstone’ throughout the course and occasionally return to it.

Note: This exercise is most effective at the beginning of a course/module on daylighting and/or after reading chapter 1. Chapter 2 discusses possible answers. If possible, pick a sample space to which you have regular access.