General Information about MIT Masters Swimming

We are now allowed to accept non-MIT associated people!

if you are not associated with MIT and you want to swim with us you need to:

-Buy a Friends of MIT athletic card (cost is 775 for an entire year or 500 for 6 months)

then send either patti ( the following information:

1. When you typically swim now, how long do you usually swim?
2. How far do you usually go?
3. Can you swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly?
4. If you were to swim 5 sets of 100 yards, what interval would you do them on?
5. are you interested in swimmming at 6:15 am, noon or 7 pm - 8:30. you can attend any session you want, but you might find it is easier to attend one time regularly. we have workouts monday through friday at those times.

We have three terms: Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (June to August).

We currently have one head coach Bill Paine, and sometimes use substitute coaches. There is also a lifeguard on deck at all times. Towels (small) are available at the pool. Lockers are available for day use, but you can only rent one for term-time if you have a MIT affiliation (for MIT people: it requires an athletic card, which you can purchase at Dupont gym).

The people in the MIT masters program are mainly college or post-college age (our average age is probably around 26 or 27), with a few over 30s. Our club is made up three main categories of swimmeres, competitive masters swimmers, triathelets and fitness swimmers.

The Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center has a 50 M by 25 yard pool which is now our home pool.

Here is a map of the MIT campus.

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Last updated: May 20, 2008