March 2006
Working Group Progress Report

The 41 recommendations from the Medical Task Force have been actively considered and acted upon under the oversight of the Medical Task Force Working Group led by Executive Vice President and Treasurer Sherwin Greenblatt.

This site links to the March 2006 Progress Report with a summary of the activities, as well as the complete table of details (PDF).

December 2005
Working Group led by Sherwin Greenblatt, EVP

The Working Group will address the 41 recommendations included in the final report of the Medical Task Force (MTF) issued earlier in the year, specifically to examine the financial and operational implications of implementation. It will review and assess the recommendations, consider implementation strategies, and provide reports to the community on progress.

We need to establish a set of feedback loops that allow the Medical Department to meet the needs of the community with agility and timeliness.

November 2005
Task Force recommendations published
(PDF report) with letter from President Susan Hockfield.
The Task Force concluded that the existing MIT model for providing health care and health insurance has performed well historically, that the MIT community is generally highly satisfied with it, and that it can continue to serve MIT well in the future if various reforms are implemented.

The final report offers over 40 recommendations aimed at improving access to, and quality of, health care provided by the MIT Medical Department, improving satisfaction with health insurance options, reducing the cost of providing health care and health insurance, and enhancing "wellness" and related health care education initiatives.

September 2004
Medical Task Force chaired by Professor Paul L. Joskow
The Task Force was charged with examining all aspects of the costs and quality of medical services and health insurance coverage provided by MIT to its students, employees, retirees, and post-docs, to solicit the views of all segments of the MIT community, to examine alternative models for providing health care, to develop a vision for the future of medical care and medical insurance at MIT, and to make recommendations to realize this vision.

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