How to Join

photo: Black Belt teaching Red Belt

The MIT Tae Kwon Do Club has disbanded. MIT students and affiliates interested in Tae Kwon Do are encouraged to check out the Sport Taekwondo club.

The best time to join the club is during the first part of each semester.For approximately the first four to six weeks of the summer and fall semesters, and during January (IAP) and February, the club concentrates on integrating new members. Classes during newcomer periods focus on instruction in basic Tae Kwon Do techniques. As the semester progresses, practice intensity increases; however, newcomers joining halfway through a semester are still welcome, and practice levels will be modified to take them into consideration.

Club members must be MIT students, alums, staff, faculty, or the immediate family members thereof, and must have a current DAPER membership. (These rules apply to all official MIT Club Sports.)

Your First Classes

Fall-Spring Flyer

During your first few classes in particular, you will be exposed to an abundance of new information and new physical techniques. No one is expected to learn or remember everything immediately. (In fact, everyone else in the club is still working on those same techniques!)

Early in your training, you must often just imitate higher belts as best you can. Don't hesitate to ask questions of the instructor or other experienced students at appropriate times.

For your first class, please try to show up 5–10 minutes before the scheduled starting time to meet some of the students, go over basic class etiquette, and permit the instructor to learn of any special needs or medical issues you may have that may affect your training.

A few pointers will help you through class:

Come to class well hydrated.
Don't eat right before class.
You don't want the food to revisit you during practice!
Wear clothes that do not restrict your motion.
A T-shirt and sweat pants are the best. Shorts are OK, but remember that you will be doing splits and high kicks, so please wear shorts of appropriate length. Also, please do not wear shoes, a watch, or any jewelry to avoid injury.
Work hard, but pace yourself.
If you feel dizzy or ill, raise your hand – the instructor will immediately come over to check on your condition. If you ever feel that a particular exercise will hurt you (for example, because of an injury), substitute something similar that is safe for you. Let the instructor know before class if you anticipate any problem.
Enjoy the process of learning!

Becoming an Official Member

After you've attended four or more classes, our Head or Assistant Instructor will formally invite you to become a member of the club.

Joining our club and becoming part of our quarter-century legacy is a big step, which we'd like you to take seriously.

When we invite you to join, we'll talk to you about the costs associated with being a member, and the uniform and equipment you will need. The club is completely non-profit: all the money that comes into the club goes to subsidizing club equipment and uniforms and to club activities – from inviting masters to teach special seminars to occasional club outings.

The cost for joining our club is $25 for MIT students and $30 for MIT affiliates. This covers one semester (3-4 months or about 40-50 classes).

We never let money preclude anyone from participating fully in club activities. Our system is simple: we take your word for what you can afford, and this information is confidential between the student, the Head and Assistant Instructors, and the club's treasurer. We're proud that over the years we've been able to help out many, many students.

Depending on your affiliation with MIT, you may be required to have a current MIT DAPER membership. It's free for MIT students, but costs something for others. DAPER memberships don't directly involve our club, but they are needed to enter the facilities and to be allowed to practice with any club sport at MIT.

Give it a Try

Just come to a few classes and work out with us! We look forward to having you train with us. Meanwhile, email us if you have questions.

Previous Training in Martial Arts

We welcome members with previous training in any martial art. We take this experience into consideration when evaluating you and look forward to learning from you in addition to teaching you what we know. Please make sure you inform the instructor about your training before the class starts. Also, please do not wear your uniform or your belt on your first class. Ranks have different meanings in different schools, and this might confuse the new members of the club. We will make sure to integrate you at the proper rank if you decide to join the club.


If you've been to your first class and just want a brief summary of the steps involved in joining the club, here it is:

Prior to your first class
we give you a Welcome Packet and ask you to sign the waiver.
Within a few days
you're added to the club email list for important announcements.
After you attend at least four classes
the Head or Assistant Instructor formally invites you to join the club.
Within a week
you accept by giving a completed Member Form to the Head or Assistant Instructor in person, as well as a check (if needed) to the MIT Tae Kwon Do Club, and demonstrating knowledge of the Rules and Terminology sheet.
We give you a uniform and a set of equipment.
Before your next class, you sew the patch on the left side of your dobok (make sure it's upright when it's worn), and you remove the visible labels on your dobok and belt (use a razor blade or seamripper).
At your next class
Congratulations, you're a new member of the MIT Tae Kwon Do Club! You will start learning the requirements for white belts in classes. For reference, some requirements are written down on sheets available to you in the club bag and on the web.