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Officer Roles & Responsibilities

All Officers

  • Attend club meetings regularly
  • If you will be absent from a meeting, notify the officer team in advance and arrange for another officer to cover your duties
  • Greet members and guests at weekly meetings
  • Attend monthly officer meetings and participate in decision-making
  • Help plan club activities
  • Be willing to cover for other officers in their absence
  • Attend 1-2 local Toastmasters officer trainings during the year
  • If you are too busy to complete all of your duties, delegate!
  • If you are unable to complete your officer term, notify the President as soon as possible and assist with finding a replacement


  • Serve as club’s chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the club
  • Direct club in a way that supports the educational growth and leadership needs of members
  • In cooperation with executive team, establish long-term and short-term goals for the club
  • Ensure that all officer duties are completed in a timely and quality manner
  • Ensure that all officers are adequately trained for their positions
  • Work with Secretary and VP Membership to prepare and submit the semiannual membership report and maintain the calendar of events and deadlines
  • Preside at weekly club meetings
  • Present new members with nametags at their first meeting after joining
  • Conduct monthly officer meetings
  • Represent the club within the Toastmasters organization at large by attending and voting at area, district, regional and international council meetings

Vice President Education

  • Plan successful club meetings so that each member has the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals
  • Prepare and display enlarged roles spreadsheet at each club meeting & encourage people to sign up
  • Update upcoming roles spreadsheet after each meeting and post to website
  • Contact individual members to fill any empty meeting roles, especially those that they haven’t done in a while
  • Monitor upcoming roles sign-up for fairness (esp. with speaking roles)
  • Monitor role history & encourage members to try out new roles; encourage people to sign up for speeches if they haven’t spoken for a while
  • Prepare and copy weekly meeting agendas, including times, names, titles
  • Email weekly agendas to club at the beginning of each week
  • Be available by email on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to handle last-minute role changes
  • Educate club members about the Toastmasters educational program and different Toastmasters awards (CTM, ATM, CL, etc.)
  • Elicit member goals and support their achievement Observe member participation & club interactions and intervene where appropriate
  • Sign Communication and Leadership manuals
  • Report educational program completions promptly to World Headquarters
  • Coordinate recognition of member achievement
  • Preside at club and officer meetings in absence of the President
  • Facilitate mentoring relationships
  • Monitor the effectiveness of orientation and mentoring programs, making improvements as necessary

Vice President Membership

  • Plan, organize, and implement marketing efforts that ensure the club maintains a membership level of at least 20 members
  • Answer all email inquiries sent to
  • Work with groups inside and outside of Toastmasters to promote club membership and membership retention
  • Arrive ~10 minutes early to greet guests before each meeting
  • Give welcome packet to new guests & have them sign the guest book
  • If guests are interested, explain how to join (including fee structure) and help them fill out the membership application form
  • Distribute applications & new member fees to Secretary & Treasurer
  • Stay after each meeting (~20 minutes) to talk to guests and answer any specific questions
  • Send short email to guests after each meeting thanking them for coming and inviting them back
  • Develop/maintain New Member Kit, which is given when new members join
  • Periodically update club literature
  • Along with VP Ed, monitor member attendance and participation; follow up with missing members
  • Work with President and officer team to prevent problems in the club and address any member concerns that arise

Vice President Public Relations

  • Develop/maintain an effective program of internal club communication, which may include the following
    • Work with club webmaster to ensure website stays fresh & up-to-date
    • Periodically write articles for the website
    • Send out post-meeting emails to club, including announcement and highlights of what people missed
  • Work with VP Membership and other officers to develop and maintain literature about the club
  • If/when membership drops, work with VP Membership to coordinate marketing efforts
  • Help maintain a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests and the general public


  • Keep official club documents (e.g., bylaws, copies of member applications)
  • Maintain spreadsheet with the current member roster, role & attendance history, and CTM progress; update spreadsheet weekly and post to website
  • Maintain the club email list
  • Receive member applications and submit new member info to TI; notify Treasurer when done
  • Make nametags for new members (and as needed)
  • Take minutes at officer meetings and distribute them to the group
  • Prepare and submit the semiannual membership reports and member roster by April 10 and October 10
  • Submit names of newly elected officers to World Headquarters within ten days following election


  • Maintain club checkbook and debit card; provide money for training and other club needs
  • Keep complete and accurate records of all financial transactions
  • Receive new member dues, deposit the money into club bank account, and promptly submit payment to TI; notify President when this is done
  • Prepare quarterly reports of club’s financial status (including debits & credits)
  • Remind club when semi-annual dues are due; follow-up with members who don’t respond
  • Ensure semiannual dues are received by World Headquarters by April 10 and October 10
  • Order Toastmasters materials as needed/requested
  • Make recommendations for money allocation
  • Submit club accounts for audit upon request


  • Arrive ~15 minutes before the meeting to
    • Set up lectern and arrange tables if necessary
    • Put up Chatter by the Charles posters outside the door and (if time permits) in Main Street lobby
    • If meeting is in an alternate location, post signs to new room
    • Arrange nametags on back table
    • Put out guest book, guest packets, and club brochures
    • Put “sit here last” sign on corner table and “leave nametag” sign by door
    • Greet early arrivers and guests
  • Check inventory of supplies on a weekly basis; email President with copying or other needs
  • Stay after meeting ~15 minutes to
    • Put everything away
    • Pick up extra papers & trash
    • Turn off lights & lock door
  • Arrange A/V support for speakers on request (e.g., help with computer, projector, or video camera set up)

Immediate Past President

  • Provide guidance and serves as resource to club officers and members
  • Chair the Nominating Committee
  • Assist in the preparation of Club Success Plan and promotes club’s efforts to become a Distinguished Club

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