Shark-Inspired MEMS Chemical Sensor


This project will target on developing a MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) chemical sensor integrated with microfluidic channel for the detection of heavy metal contamination, inspired by biologically mimicking both morphological and functional merits of the olfactory sensing system of pelagic sharks.


Figure 1. Proposed MEMS chemical sensor with three-electrode configuration shown in isometric view (left) and side view (right).



Figure 2. Cross-sectional view of proposed shark-inspired microchannel (left) and olfactory organ of lemon shark (right), where ic/IC, inlet chamber; ol, olfactory lamella; LB, lamellar block; r, raphe; OC, outlet chamber.



Figure 3. Comparison of species capture efficiency in terms of percentage (left) between rectangular microchannel (upper right) and shark-inspired microchannel (lower right).