Annual Awards for Contributions to the Field of Technical Communications

Rigo Award to Dr. Patricia Wright

The Rigo Award is given each year to an individual contributor in the field of information development. The award is usually given in recognition of a particularly influential book or series of scholarly publications, or for an especially creative and influential "master work."

Dr. Patricia Wright is the 1998 Rigo award winner. She spent many years in Cambridge, UK as a scientist at the Medical Research Council's Applied Psychology Unit (now Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit) and as College Lecturer at Churchill College, Cambridge University. Recently she has been appointed Distinguished Senior Research Fellow in Psychology at Cardiff University. Her MRC team in Wales explore printed and interactive healthcare documents; in Cambridge her NHS funded team are designing a simplified interface for palm-sized computers to be used as memory aids by brain injured patients. She has received numerous awards and been elected Honorary Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, USA (1995) and Fellow of the British Psychological Society (1989).

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Diana Award to Netscape Communications Corporation

SIGDOC presents a yearly "Diana" award to honor organizations that support and promote quality computer documentation. Previous award-winners have included Xerox Corporation, Apple Computer, and the Communications Design Center of Carnegie Mellon University.

The 1998 Diana award-winner is Netscape Communications. Netscape was one of the first companies to integrate its user-interface design, usability, and documentation efforts under the same management, which is also responsible for development of Netscape's NetHelp, the first entry in the HTML-based help system marketplace.

With this Diana Award, SIGDOC also recognizes Netscape's contribution to the widespread business, home, and community use of the World Wide Web. Netscape's Web browsers and other products have made it easier for people of many backgrounds, living in many countries, to gain access to all kinds of information, including a wide variety of documentation.

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History of the Awards

These awards are named after SIGDOC's founder, Joseph Rigo, and past chair of SIGDOC for three terms, Diana Patterson. The awards are given out annually. The extended SIGDOC board (elected and appointed members) solicits nominations from the membership and contributes their own nominations. At one board meeting per year, board members discuss the significance of each nominee's contributions, and in a series of run-off votes determine the final recipient.

Since 1988, the Rigo award has been given to the following people:

Since 1992, the Diana award has been given to the following organizations:

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