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Science Minutes and Sonic IDs

Toilets and the Harbor by Camara Langford and Fahim Sinha
Marine Biologist Anne Giblin tells us some surprising facts about sewers, toilets and the City of Boston.

Recycle Rhythms—Coke Can by Aaron King, Nelson Dow and Hichem Hadjeres
A rhythmic reflection that begins with a soft drink.

Whales and Sports Teams by Ariel Chandler, Yolanda Maurissaint and Keven Figueroa
What do killer whales hunting in packs have in common with basketball players?

Turbulence in a Cup of Coffee by Ariel Chandler, Fahim Sinha and Samantha Ulysse
Professor Heidi Nepf from MIT explains how turbulence can bring things together.

Bubblenetting by Elliott Memmi and Abinet Kassa
Captain Ken of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s research vessel Tioga describes how teams of whales create nets out of bubbles in order to catch their prey.

Algae in the Desert by Hichem Hadjeres and Nelson Dow
Dr. Zoe Cardon of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., tells us how some species of algae can survive even in the most arid of environments.

A Scientist’s Obsession by Ariel Chandler, Yolanda Maurissaint and Keven Figueroa
Dr. Ari Shapiro, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, talks about what keeps him going as a scientist.

An Underwater Yellowstone by Muriel Brunet and Samantha Ulysse
Marine Geologist Susan Humphris tells us what hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean have in common with the geysers we can see on land.

Recycle Rhythms—Paper by Aaron King, Tevin Brown and Nelson Dow
Another rhythmic reflection, this one inspired by a piece of mail.


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