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Special Projects

Fresh Greens and Fresh Greens 2.0
Terrascope Youth Radio has teamed up with New Hampshire Public Radio, the Public Radio Exchange and youth radio groups across the country to create “Fresh Greens: Teens and the Environment” and “Fresh Greens 2.0,” hour-long, youth produced specials that have each been licensed and broadcast by about a dozen stations across the U.S., from New York to Seattle, from Austin to Cape Cod. Teen interns from Terrascope Youth Radio selected and edited pieces from other youth radio programs, wrote and voiced the host script, chose music, conducted live-to-tape interviews and mixed and produced the final programs. Use the links above to listen to them at PRX.org, the Public Radio Exchange.

Green Audio Tours
Terrascope Youth Radio’s teen interns invite you to learn about their community through official green audio tours they have produced for the City of Cambridge, the renovated and extended main building of the Cambridge Public Library, the renovated Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School and Boston Children’s Museum. Follow the links to learn about each of these tours, hear individual segments and download complete tours and maps.

More Special Projects

Features and Music

The Extraterrestrials by Eitan Stern-Robbins and Alexandros Zervos
If there were extraterrestrial life on some planet out there, how could we tell? One clue is to look at how the existence of living beings has changed the Earth’s environment. MIT professor Sara Seager explains. Chosen for Generation PRX’s “Best Youth-Made Radio of 2010” playlist.

Hearing Red by Andy Cox
The sounds around us can affect us in ways we don’t consciously realize, as demonstrated in this experimental piece that incorporates sound from multiple sources (including an excerpt from John Cage’s composition, 4’33”). This piece was created as an entry in the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s 2012 ShortDocs Competition, in which entries had to be under three minutes, feature at least two neighbors, involve three seconds of narrative silence and have a color in the title. Chosen for Generation PRX’s “Best Youth-Made Radio of 2012” playlist.

Can I Do Anything Anymore? by Andy Cox and Levi Toledano
It seems that everything we do has some sort of negative environmental impact. Can we do anything anymore? If we want to be environmentally conscious, do we have to just sit still all day? Well, probably not. But it can be overwhelming even to think about it.... Chosen for Generation PRX’s “Best Youth-Made Radio of 2011” playlist.

Does Biology Class Really Matter? by Nephtalie Dehoux
Nephy really hated biology class, and that’s part of why she is now an environmental reporter.

More Features and Music

Science Minutes and Sonic IDs

Toilets and the Harbor by Camara Langford and Fahim Sinha
Marine Biologist Anne Giblin tells us some surprising facts about sewers, toilets and the City of Boston.

Recycle Rhythms—Coke Can by Aaron King, Nelson Dow and Hichem Hadjeres
A rhythmic reflection that begins with a soft drink.

Whales and Sports Teams by Ariel Chandler, Yolanda Maurissaint and Keven Figueroa
What do killer whales hunting in packs have in common with basketball players?

More Science Minutes & Sonic IDs

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