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Fall 2023, Sept-Dec Monday's, 12-2PM Thursdays, 2h30-4PM 9-10, 13 November 2023

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International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies (ICPPIT23)

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ICPPIT23, Nov 10

Message to ICPPIT23 from the National Secretary for Social Consultation, Ministry of Presidency, Government of Brasil

Renato Simões

MIT-DUSP "City Arena", 9h00 AM

ICPPIT23, Nov 13

Message to ICPPIT23 from the President of the National Association of Municipal Assemblies of Portugal

Albino Almeida

MIT-DUSP 9.217, 5h30 PM


The Department of Urban Studies & Planning (DUSP) at MIT, together with CITIDEP - Research Center of Information Technologies and Participatory Democracy, is organizing the 2023 edition of the International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies (ICPPIT23), on 9 - 10 November 2023, City Arena, Room 9-255.

ICPPIT23 is part of the e-Planning Seminar Fall 2023 Events (with a Monday Lunch Speaker Series "Urban Science and Digital Transition: e-Planning, twenty years later", linked to a Joint undergrad / graduate for-credit course ("e-Planning & Digital Transition")

The nature of this e-Planning Seminar, its rationale and structure is detailed in the Welcome & General Information page.

We are especially interested in engaging a young generation, faculty and students, that can greatly benefit from this legacy - 20 years of the e-Planning approach

Dates & Schedule:

9-10 November 2023 - ICPPIT23 International Symposium, City Arena, Room 9-255

  • November 9 , 2023 (Thursday)
  • November 10, 2023 (Friday)
  • (See Submission Deadlines)

    14 September - 11 December 2023 (Seminar Sessions and Classes)

  • Monday lunch, 12h30-2 PM, City Arena, Room 9-255 (Seminar Speaker Sessions);
  • Thursday 2h30-4 PM, Room 9-217 (for-credit course)


    ICPPIT23 Program depicted is not final. Session designations, order and structure is still subject to change. Please Revisit page (refresh/reload) for last update and more details on sessions, speaker affiliation, abstracts and schedule

    Presentation time: Please aim for 15 minutes (maximum), to allow for discussion. In each Panel / Session, Moderators may establish shorter time for initial presentation. Presenters may elaborate during the discussion period.

    9-10, 13 November 2023 - ICPPIT23 International Symposium at MIT

    November 9 , 2023 (Thursday) MIT-DUSP Stella Room 7-338

    2h15 PM Registration & Reception (MIT-DUSP Stella Room 7-338)

  • 2h30 PM Conference Welcome Address, Prof. Chris Zegras, MIT-DUSP Dept. Head

  • 2h45-4h00 PM Conference Keynote Talk, Governing Global Public Goods and Bads, Prof. Omar Razzaz, , Harvard & MIT-DUSP Alum, Former Prime-Minister of Jordan (poster)

  • 4h15 - 6h00 PM Conference Welcome Meeting

  • 7h00 PM Conference Dinner (Cambridge Brewing Co. - 1 Kendall Square Bldg 100, Cambridge, MA 02139)

  • November 10, 2023 (Friday) City Arena, MIT Room 9-255

    8h30 AM Registration, Room 9-255

    8h45 AM Opening Remarks, Room 9-255

  • Joseph Ferreira, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, ICPPIT23 Chairs
  • Message to ICPPIT23, Renato Simões, National Secretary for Social Consultation, Government of Brasil

  • 9 AM Morning Sessions, Room 9-255

    PANEL on Digital & Energy Transitions and Urban Science

  • In Search of Community-Based Solutions to Transportation Challenges among Historically-Excluded and Transportation-Scarce Communities, Tawanna Dillahunt, Associate Professor, School of Information and Computer Science and Engineering (by courtesy), Affiliate Faculty, Science, Technology, and Public Policy, University of Michigan, MIT MLK Fellow 2023-2024

  • Climate change and energy transition in the digital age: sustainable and inclusive experiences from Western Paraná (BR), Vera Viviane Schmidt Abomorad, Assessora de Inovação e Integração, Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Helena-PR, Brasil

  • PANEL on Digital Transition, Geopolitics and Citizen Empowerment

  • Geopolitics of Development in the Information Society, Claudio Ballande Romannelli, IFSP, Brasil

  • Digital Atlantic Ocean in Portuguese: The geography of language and ICT for community inclusive development , Jose Moreira, CIAUD, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

  • Building a community-owned wireless network in Kenya, Sarah Williams, Associate Professor of Technology and Urban Planning, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab and the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism., MIT, USA

  • Information technology (IT) and insurgent warfare. How may it empower the weak against the strong?, Carlos Branco, Major-General, Senior Researcher, IDN - Natinal Defense Institute, Portugal

  • Governing Global Public Goods and Bads, Omar Razzaz, Harvard & MIT-DUSP Alum, Former Prime-Minister of Jordan (Thursday, Nov. 9)

  • PANEL on Digital Transition and Social Inclusion

  • Designing and evaluating emerging technologies to address loneliness in later life: promises and pitfalls, Bárbara Barbosa Neves, Faculty, Monash University, Australia

  • Reconnect – Promoting Thoughtful Technology Use and Supporting Wellbeing, Oonagh O’Brien, Lecturer, Ireland

  • PANEL on Digital Transition for Inclusive Education

  • The Role of ICT in higher education projects with vulnerable communities, Muriel de Oliveira Gavira, UNICAMP, Brasil

  • Technology as an inclusive teaching tool, Ana Beatriz Linardi , Vitor Damiani, Flavio Valverde , FACAMPAS, Brasil

  • Challenges of Digital Transition in Professional and Technological Education from the perspective of the Federal Institute of São Paulo, Eberval Castro, IFSP, Brasil

  • 1 PM Lunch, available for Conference participants, Room 9-255

    2 PM Afternoon Sessions, Room 9-255

    PANEL on ICT, Public Participation and Policy-Making

  • Which Information Matters? Measuring Landlord Assessment of Tenant Screening Reports, Wonyoung So, PhD Candidate | Urban Science and Planning, MIT

  • Environmental Justice: Spatial Analysis Evidence & Decision Processes, Lucie Laurian, Chair of the Planning Department, SUNY at Buffalo, NY, USA

  • PANEL: Impact of Digitization and AI on Productivity, Privacy, and Regulation

    Moderator: Nadia Shalaby
    The digitization and insertion of AI into industry or public sectors undoubtedly yields efficiencies, productivity gains, and massive commercial profits, while introducing new societal risks such as data privacy, identity theft, consumer exploitation, lack of governance and fuzzy regulation. In our panel we explore this topic from the perspective of innovation for productivity and a better world, industry and corporate incentives, technology standards and architectures, and governmental regulation.

  • Challenges of digitization in pen-and-paper sectors, Nadia Shalaby, Harvard PhD & MIT MBA Sloan Alumn, Founder & CEO, Pakira, Inc., USA

  • Data platforms and strategic incentives, Thibaut Horel, PhD CS, MIT; Researcher in Institute for Data, Systems, and Society

  • Digitization’s impact on privacy and personal data management, Paul Trevithick, MS MIT CS ; Founder, mee foundation , USA

  • AI and Law: Key legal questions and challenges for AI, Robert Mahari, MIT Media Lab PhD student and JD Harvard Law USA

  • How do you regulate AI?!, Quinton Zondervan, MIT CS, Cambridge City Councilor, Tech Entrepreneur, USA

  • MIT School of Architecture & Planning - Conference Institutional Address

    Hashim Sarkis, Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT

    MIT-DUSP Faculty Panel

    Urban Science and Digital Transition: e-Planning: twenty years later

    Andres Sevtsuk Associate Professor of Urban Science and Planning, MIT, USA

    Sarah Williams, Associate Professor of Technology and Urban Planning, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab and the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism., MIT, USA

    Catherine D'Ignazio, Associate Professor of Urban Science & Planning; Director, Data + Feminism Lab, DUSP, MIT, USA

    Joseph Ferreira, Professor (Post-Tenure) of Urban Information Systems

    Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, Professor of e-Planning, Catedratico Conv. (ret, U. Lisboa), MIT Visiting Scholar

    Lawrence Susskind, Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning

    Rounaq Basu, Postdoctoral Associate

  • MIT DUSP e-Planning Students invited to participate as well

  • 6h00 PM ICPPIT23 get-together (MIT-DUSP Stella Room 7-338)

    November 13, 2023 (Monday) MIT Room 9-217

    3h30 PM Conflict resolution in Bosnia: Was it achieved almost twenty years after Dayton? (Session Poster)

    A Conversation with Carlos Branco, Major-General

    Pedro Ferraz de Abreu,Professor of e-Planning, Catedratico Conv. (ret, U. Lisboa), MIT Visiting Scholar

    5h50 PM Message to ICPPIT23 from Albino Almeida President of "Associação Nacional de Assembleias Municipais", Portugal (ANAM)

    6h00 PM ICPPIT23 closure, Books offered to MIT (MIT-DUSP 9-217)

    ICPPIT23 Participation & Fees:

    - Open for all MIT students (Undergrad/Graduate), faculty & fellows (no fee for attending, $ 60 to join Social Program)
    - Fee-based participation for external participants. Interested prospective participants may contact Symposium chairs (,

    REGISTRATION is required for ALL participants

    Where to stay

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    Seminar & Conference Topics

    Chairs: Joseph Ferreira Jr. ( & Pedro Ferraz de Abreu (
    ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

    Book & Proceedings;

    Submission Information

    All submissions are subject to referee review, by Science Committee members or reviewers designated by them.

  • Submission: send by email, to one or both the moderators, with "ICPPIT23 Submission" on the email subject, the following: name, affiliation, if student / researcher / faculty / other, selected topic (maximun 2), title, and abstract in english, 1000 chars minmum, 2000 chars maximum.

  • Submission Deadline: October 10, 2023

  • Admission confirmation: October 25, 2023

  • Registration Deadline: November 1, 2023. Admitted authors must register by November 1, or may be excluded from the Conference Presentation schedule. A late register may be accepted, subject to a late fee.

  • Admitted communications will be published on-line, as an on-line proceedings, at a date TBC

    Selected communications will be invited to present a paper, and / or contribute to a book chapter, with specifications TBC

    Where to stay

    You can check this hotels and general options for overnight accommodations recommended by MIT. If you mention you are attending an MIT Conference, you may be eligible for special rates:


    Science Committee

    Conference Committee (organizing)

    Conference Proceedings:

    Selected Communications, reviewed by the Scientific Committee, will be published in the Conference Proceeding (on-line).

    Book on "e-Planning":

    Based on recommendations from the Scientific Committee, Speakers for the "e-Planning" Speaker Series and the International Symposium will be invited to contribute chapters to  a book, "e-Planning for Digital Transition - With No One Left Behind," edited by the e-Planning co-chairs.

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