International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
November 10-12, 2003

Session 4 :: e-Government :: Tuesday, 11 November 2003

Requirements: QuickTime 5.0 or greater, 56K Modem, DSL, Cable or LAN connection to internet.
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Presentation (Video Stream)
Andres Crespo London Connects The rise and rise of the e-London public sphere
Marco Aurelio Ruediger Fundacao Getulio Vargas - EBAPE E-Government and Its Impact on State and Civil Society: A Latin American Case
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia Center for Technology in Government, U. Albanyl Enacting E-Budgeting in Mexico: Bureaucracy, Institutions, and the Budget Process
Javier Angel Alvarez Proyecto ART 39 ART.39 - A Civic Participation tool to Strengthen Democracy
Charles Kaylor Public Sphere Information Group The Evolution of Pariticpation: A Longitudinal Analysis of Change Among the Largest US Cities
Danny F. Fernandes Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon U. A Phased Approach for Developing Human Services Web Portals
DiscussionN/A N/A

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