International Conference on Public Participation and Information Technologies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
November 10-12, 2003

Session 7 :: PPIT in Teaching, Education and Arts :: Wednesday, 12 November 2003

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Presentation (Video Stream)
Maria Joao Antunes University of Aveiro Patterns Of On-Line Communication: A Portuguese Study
Jeremy Liu, Mike Blockstein Asian Community Development Corporation Art and Community Planning through A Chinatown Banquet, how Boston's Chinatown community uses digital technology for civic activism
Nathan Michaud Island Institute Lobster Tales
Elizabeth Pilar Challinor Centro de estudos de antropologia social Conflict and Consensus-Building: Reflections from a case study of public participation in Cape Verde
due to technical difficulties, no video is available
Tania Marisa Dias Almeida Fonseca Public High School P. Jeronimo de Andrade Promoting citizenship in schools through an european environmental study and using new technologies: the PEOPLE-Citizenship project
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