Class VecTimeField

  extended bycore.field.VecTimeField
Direct Known Subclasses:
ChargeInFieldExperiment.Motion, ColorTestExperiment.Motion, EddyCurrentsDipoleExperiment.Motion, EddyCurrentsMonopoleExperiment.Motion, FallingRingExperiment.Motion, HeliosphereFlowExperiment.Motion, MovingRecedingImagePotentialExperiment.Motion, MovingReceedingImageExperiment.Motion, RecedingImageExperiment.Motion, TwoChargesExperiment.Motion, TwoPlanesExperiment.Motion

public abstract class VecTimeField
extends java.lang.Object

An n-dimensional+time vector field. Vector fields are created by deriving subclasses that define a function mapping from (Vec,time) to Vec2. This class can be used to describe any time-dependent function. Note that the implementation of get(Vec p, double t) in this abstract base class assumes that both the domain and range are of the same dimension, and if this is not the case, the method must be overridden. One possible usage of this class is to describe the equations of motion of a dynamical system. Given the independent coordinates as an input, a VecTimeField can return the time derivatives of these coordinates, useful when integrating the system.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Vec get(Vec p, double t)
          Returns: a new Vec with the value of the field at "p".
abstract  Vec get(Vec p, double t, Vec v)
          Sets "v" to the value of the field at "p" at time "t".
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Constructor Detail


public VecTimeField()
Method Detail


public abstract Vec get(Vec p,
                        double t,
                        Vec v)
Sets "v" to the value of the field at "p" at time "t". "p" is not modified Returns: resulting "v"


public Vec get(Vec p,
               double t)
Returns: a new Vec with the value of the field at "p". It is assumed that the range of the field is the same as the domain. This method must be overridden if that is not the case. "p" is not modified.