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Packages that use BaseExperiment
core.field This package contains a number of classes used to create and manipulate the images generated for a given animation of an experiment as it evolves. 
core.postprocessing This package performs various operations on the images created by a given simulation of an experiment after the images are created by the classes in core.dflic
core.rendering This package handles all the code that draws and evolves the DLIC and the experiment. 
simulations.experiments.electrostatics This package contains all the experiments for the various electrostatic experiments. 
simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw This package contains all the experiments for the various Faraday's Law experiments. 
simulations.experiments.magnetostatics This package contains all the experiments for the various magnetostatic experiments. 
simulations.experiments.radiation This package contains all the experiments for the various radiation experiments. 

Uses of BaseExperiment in core.field

Fields in core.field declared as BaseExperiment
 BaseExperiment EMVec2Field.experiment
          The base experiment computing the flow speed by region, if used,

Constructors in core.field with parameters of type BaseExperiment
EMVec2Field(EMVec2Field field, int FieldOrMotionFieldType, BaseExperiment experiment, Vec RegionFlow)

Uses of BaseExperiment in core.postprocessing

Fields in core.postprocessing declared as BaseExperiment
 BaseExperiment Colorizer.experiment
          This is the experiment which determines the colors by region via experiment.getHue() if we color by region.

Constructors in core.postprocessing with parameters of type BaseExperiment
Colorizer(double MyTargetHue, double MyTargetSaturation, double MyTargetValue, double MysaturationPoint, double MyfallOff, boolean MyBrighten, boolean MyflatColor, Vec RegionColor, BaseExperiment experiment, BaseObject emsource, Vec3 symVec3, Vec3 Xdir, Vec3 Ydir, double scale)
          This constructor is used when we are coloring by region.

Uses of BaseExperiment in core.rendering

Fields in core.rendering declared as BaseExperiment
(package private)  BaseExperiment Renderer.experiment

Methods in core.rendering that return BaseExperiment
 BaseExperiment Renderer.GetExperiment()
          GetExperiment() returns the experiment that is currently set to render.

Methods in core.rendering with parameters of type BaseExperiment
 void Renderer.SetExperiment(BaseExperiment myExperiment)
          SetExperiment() sets the experiment that the renderer will render.

Uses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.electrostatics

Subclasses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.electrostatics
 class ChargeInFieldExperiment
          Experiment to show the electric field motion for an electric charge moving in a constant background electric field.
 class ColorTestExperiment
          Color Test exeriment with a simple field
 class TwoChargesExperiment
          Electro-quasi-statics exeriment with one moving charge and one stationary charge.

Uses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw

Subclasses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.faradaysLaw
 class EddyCurrentsDipoleExperiment
          Eddy currents in a conducting plane below a moving dipole, for various values of the speed of the monopole, following Saslow.
 class EddyCurrentsMonopoleExperiment
          Eddy currents in a conducting plane, using the method of Saslow.
 class FallingRingExperiment
          Falling Ring experiment, consisting of a ring falling past a stationary magnet.
 class MovingRecedingImagePotentialExperiment
          Receeding Image experiment, consisting of a monopole appearing at t =0 above a conducting plane, using the method of Saslow.
 class MovingReceedingImageExperiment
          Receeding Image experiment, consisting of a monopole appearing at t =0 above a conducting plane, using the method of Saslow.
 class RecedingImageExperiment
          Receeding Image experiment calculates the magnetic fields when a monopole appears at t = 0 above a conducting plane.
 class TwoPlanesExperiment
          Receeding Image experiment, consisting of a monopole appearing at t =0 in the first quadrant of two perpendicular thin conducting planes.

Uses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.fluidFlow

Subclasses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.fluidFlow
 class CirculatingFlowExperiment
 class DataInputExperiment
 class HeliosphereFlowExperiment
          Heliosphere flow experiment.

Uses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.magnetostatics

Subclasses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.magnetostatics
 class TeachSpinExperiment
          Experiment consists of two ring currents, one above the other.

Uses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.radiation

Subclasses of BaseExperiment in simulations.experiments.radiation
 class ElectricAntennaExperiment
 class OscillatingDipoleExperiment
          Fields of an oscillating electric dipole.